Astrophotography enables a completely different view of the sky than we can achieve with the eye or the telescope. Due to the long exposure times, details in objects can be shown that until a few years ago could only be reached at the largest telescopes. Even the light pollution of cities can be avoided by using special filters.

On this page we present the possibilities of this fascinating technique. Most of the pictures were taken at the University of Oldenburg or in the immediate vicinity. Please refer to the image description for the techniques used.

With automatic telescopes, images of current observation objects can also be created in a short time. Here you will find a short description and processed images.

Oldenburg All-Sky Camera

Remote telescope recordings

Astrophotos with SLR and tripod without tracking

Astrophotos with DSLR and tracking

Astrophotos with tracking and telescope

C2PU - Observatoire de la Côte d'Azur









Student recordings


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