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Messier Observation Catalog


In the seminar associated with the lecture “Astrophysik” the students create posters of objects chosen from one topic. The following posters are some examples of posters created by students of the last terms.


Constellations winter term 2013/14

The posters of constellations include most of the important astronomical objects of some of the best-known constellations of the northern night sky.

The posters include the position of the constellation in relation to other important constellations, information about the most important stars, and selected Deep-Sky Objects with tips for observations (visual, binoculars, telescope, DSLR, CCD etc.)

Object classes winter term 2016/17

The posters present an object of a selected object class. They describe the basic properties of the object class as well as the features of the selected object. Moreover, some key data are given.

The presented images were created and processed by the students themselves. All data were accquired from the Slooh network.

Basic techniques of astrophotography

Robotic telescopes

We recommend the following telescopes for „fast“ observations:

NASA MicroObservatory-Network

Bradford Robotic Telescope


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