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The student council

The student body is made up of all students of a degree course, i.e. all those who are currently studying for a single or double subject Bachelor's or Master's degree in Biology - that's currently just over 1,100 people!

The student body council is made up of elected representatives of the student body and is often abbreviated to "student body". We as the student council form the bridge between the students and the university.

In addition to committee work, organising social evenings and the orientation week, we are also the contact point for questions, problems and acute shortages of beer!

The Student Council

The Student Representative Council (FsR) is made up of representatives elected by the student body. The members of the Student Council elected in a plenary meeting of the student body represent the interests of biology students vis-à-vis the university, the bodies of the student body, the teachers and the public.

Committee work

One of the most important tasks of a student council is committee work. Because that's where we have the opportunity to influence the developments of our studies and to voice criticism.

The biology degree programmes are located in the IBU, the Institute for Biology and Environmental Sciences, so one of the first points of contact for us is the IBU council. (You can find more information about studying there).

We sit in letterboxes like the BiFak, the FakKonV, the FüStuKo or the StuQuaKo, but also at low-threshold meetings like the F3V, the meeting of all student representatives at the university.

Activities for first-year students

But nerve-wracking arguments to get the best out of our studies are not our only profession. It is just as important for us to create offers for the start of studies. Our little first-year students, like innocent lambs out to pasture, are still so innocent and ignorant. To help you get started in your studies, we organise the annual orientation week. One week before the first lectures, we collect you, show you your campus, the AG's and the most important rooms. During our city rally, not only those who have moved to Oldenburg for their studies get to know the most important places to go in Oldenburg, but also those who have been here for a long time often discover new things. The breakfast rounds are also very popular, where we give you an introduction to the university-wide administration programme and help you with your timetables.

We guide you through the first weeks of your studies, are available with advice and help with questions and offer a relaxed atmosphere to get to know each other and exchange ideas through social and game evenings.

Everyday study with the student council

For even more exchange, we will take all first-year bio students who want to come along for a weekend at the seaside. This is a great opportunity to get to know your fellow students and the student council better, make friends and simply have a lot of fun.

In addition to our student council trips and regular social evenings, we also offer volleyball and flunkyball tournaments, the legendary Wechloy barbecue, Christmas parties and cabbage tours to liven up everyday student life, and we'll be there with you in the front row at the University Night of the Clubs and the Night of the Profs.


Another opportunity for exchange across the university is the BundesFachschaftenTagung. The association of all biology departments and departmental initiatives in Germany meets once a semester, whereby the conference is always hosted by a different department. Over four days, various topics are discussed in working groups, city-specific excursions are organised and contacts are made.

Who are we actually?

To give you a face to the people, all the student representatives (also affectionately known as Schnäbler) have introduced themselves for you. By the way, don't be afraid to drop by the student council room when we have meetings and office hours again. We are always happy to see you!

  • Portrait of the current Schnäbler
  • Piet's Wall of Fame (alumni)

What do we do?

Helping you!

To make sure you have a good time during your bio studies, we support you both professionally and with leisure activities. This can mean that we represent your interests in university politics, advise you on problems with lecturers or modules and organise the odd flunkyball tournament, O-week or parties.

With this in mind, 'Bottoms up' and

How can I participate?

We are always happy to welcome new faces and new ideas! It doesn't matter whether you want to make a single suggestion or would like to participate in our work on a permanent basis. Just drop in as a guest at one of our meetings if you are interested!

You can find our meeting dates and office hours below in the footer and on the homepage.

These times only apply during the lecture period. We have fewer meetings during the semester break, but if you have a problem, feel free to send us an email!

Who is Piet, anyway?

This one!

Piet is an avocet (Recurvirostra avosetta) and our student council mascot. Avocets can often be seen here at the North Sea during the breeding season, sometimes they stay here all year round. With their long, upward-curved bill, they are ideally suited to search for food in the muddy Wadden Sea, which consists mainly of invertebrates such as crustaceans, sometimes also small fish. The food is highly dependent on the habitat, some of Piet's relatives even come all the way here from Africa!

You've probably seen the stylised avocet logo on our O-weekly or on the student council website. An unusually large Piet for its kind even stands on the ring level of the Wechloy campus.

Piet is very hard-working and always committed, so why don't you send him his best wishes in your next e-mail?

Piet's cousin, a avocet at Frankfurt Zoo

(By Jutta234, CC BY-SA 3.0, on commons.wikimedia.org)

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