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Simone Brick

Research interests

My main research interests are the ecological role of bacteria in sediments and soils, their contribution to nutrient cycling and their adaption to specific habitats. My current studies are part of the DynaDeep project, which aims to gain a deeper understanding of processes in the subsurface of high-energy beaches. In this transition zone between land and sea, biogeochemical processes are very variable in time and space, so that microorganisms in this habitat have to be highly adapted. Therefore, we will monitor the composition of the sediment attached microbial communities and the communities in the porewater to evaluate the diversity, and to define key-organisms. We will investigate the response of the microbial communities to the dynamic changes in the subsurface just as the role of varying metabolic activities in biogeochemical transformation processes. Furthermore, the metabolic activity will be targeted by describing the presence or absence of key-genes in metagenomes. Additionally, the microbial response to changing environmental conditions will be assessed in laboratory experiments using flow-through columns.

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Academic Vita

Since May 2021

PhD candidate (ICBM Oldenburg)


Project: The Dynamic Deep Subsurface of High-Energy Beaches (DynaDeep)



Master of Science in Marine Environmental Sciences (ICBM Oldenburg)


Thesis: Effects of antibiotics on bacterial communities of an agricultural soil



Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences (ICBM Oldenburg)


Thesis: Palynologische und sedimentologische Untersuchungen zur Rekonstruktion der holozänen Landschaftsentwicklung bei Hilgenriedersiel (Ldkr. Aurich)


Isolation, cultivation and characterization of bacteria, DNA extraction, PCR, sequence analysis, microscopy, physiological testing, AAS, HPLC, flow-through reactors, sampling of sediment cores and porewater, soil and sediment description, lasergranulometry



Research Cruises

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