Frank Mattig



ICBM Terramare
Schleusenstraße 1
26382 Wilhelmshaven

Frank Mattig

Frank R. Mattig, Dr.

 I am an ornithologist, with strong interests in physiology and nature protection. One focus of my work was the impact of environmental chemicals to the birds of the Wadden Sea. At present I work in a monitoring project using Marine birds as an bioindicator for the marine environment. Since 1985 egg samples have been collected on an annual basis at selected sites on the Wadden Sea coast. Indicator species are Common Tern and Oystercatcher. Since 1999 all chemical analyses of environmental chemicals (e.g. Hg, different PCB-Congeners, DDT and Metabolites, HCB, HCH and Isomeres, Chlordan and Nonachlor-compounds) take place at the ICBM and since 2013 I am responsible for the logistical support and statistical evaluation of the whole project (TMAP, Trilateral Monitoring and Assessment Program).

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