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Publication Record (Publications, Reviews or Book Chapters)

Research publications 

Wöhlbrand L, Jacob J, Kube M, Mussmann M, Jarling R, Beck A, Amann R, Wilkes H, Reinhardt R, Rabus R (2012)
Complete genome, catabolic sub-proteomes and key-metabolites of Desulfobacula toluolica Tol2, a marine, aromatic compound-degrading, sulfate-reducing bacterium. Environ Microbiol, doi:10.1111/j.1462-2920.2012.02885.x

Wolfsheimer S, Hartmann A, Rabus R, Nuel G (2012)
Computing posterior probabilities for score-based alignments using ppALIGN. Stat Appl Gene Mol Biol (in press)

Trautwein K, Lahme S, Wöhlbrand L, Feenders C, Magelsdorf K, Harder J, Steinbüchel A, Blasius B, Reinhardt R, Rabus R (2012)
Physiological and proteomic adaptation of "Aromatoleum aromaticum" EbN1 to low growth rates in benzoate-limited, anoxic chemostats. J Bacteriol, 194(9):2165-2180

Trautwein K, Wilkes H, Rabus R (2012)
Proteogenomic evidence for beta-oxidation of plant-derived 3-phenylpropanoids in "Aromatoleum aromaticum" EbN1. Proteomics (in press)

Lahme S, Eberlein C, Jarling R, Kube M, Boll M, Wilkes H, Reinhardt R, Rabus R (2012)
Anaerobic degradation of 4-methylbenzoate via a specific 4-methylbenzoyl-CoA pathway. Environ Microbiol, 14(5):1118-1132

Trautwein K, Grundmann O, Wöhlbrand L, Eberlein C, Boll M, Rabus R (2012)
Benzoate mediates repression of C4-dicarboxylate utilization in "Aromatoleum aromaticum" EbN1. J Bacteriol 194(2):518-2

Lahme S, Harder J, Rabus R (2012)
Anaerobic degradation of 4-methylbenzoate by a new denitrifying bacterium, strain pMbN1. Appl Environ Microbiol, 78:1606-1610

Jarling R, Sadeghi M, Drozdowska M, Lahme S, Buckel W, Rabus R, Widdel F, Golding BT, Wilkes H (2012) Stereochemical investigations reveal the mechanism of the bacterial activation of n-alkanes without oxygen. Angew Chem Int Ed, 51:1334-1338

Reviews or Book Chapters

Rabus R (2012)
An overview of 2D DIGE analysis of marine (environmental) bacteria.
In: Cramer R, Westermeier R (Eds), Difference gel electrophoresis (DIGE): Methods and Protocols. Methods in Molecular Biology, Vol. 854. pp. 355-370 Springer Science+Business Media

Kube M, Mitrovic J, Duduk B, Rabus R, Seemüller E (2012)
Current view of Phytoplasma genomes and encoded metabolism
TheScientificWorldJournal, in press


Research publications 

Zech H, Echtermeyer C, Wöhlbrand L, Blasius B, Rabus R (2011)

Biological versus technical variability in 2D DIGE experiments with environmental bacteria. Proteomics 11(16):3380-3389

Rabus R, Jarling R, Lahme S, Kühner S, Heider J, Widdel F, Wilkes H (2011)
Co-metabolic conversion of toluene in anaerobic n-alkane-degrading bacteria. Environ Microbiol 13(9):2576-2586

Reviews or Book Chapters

Halder T, Rabus R (2011)

Dynamik kataboler Netzwerke in Umweltbakterien. Anpassung an wechselnde Umwelt (Nährstoff) bedingungen entschlüsselt durch quantitative Massenspektrometrie., in press


Research publications 

Zedelius J, Rabus R, Grundmann O, Werner I, Brodkorb D, Schreiber F,
Ehrenreich P, Behrends A, Wilkes H, Kube M, Reinhardt R, Friedrich Widdel F (2010)

Alkane degradation under anoxic conditions by a nitrate-reducing bacterium with possible involvement of the electron acceptor in substrate activation. Environ Microbiol Reports 3(1):125-135

Zink K, Rabus R (2010)
Stress-induced changes in phospholipids in Betaproteobacterium "Aromatoleum aromaticum" strain EbN1 due to alkylbenzene growth substrates. J Mol Microbiol Biotechnol 18:92-101

Amann J, Lange D, Schüler M, Rabus R (2010)
Substrate-dependent regulation of carbon catabolism in marine sulfate-reducing Desulfobacterium autotrophicum HRM2. J Mol Microbiol Biotechnol 18:74-84

Reviews or Book Chapters

Rabus R, Trautwein K (2010)
Proteogenomics to study the anaerobic degradation of aromatic compounds and hydrocarbons. In: KN Timmis (ed.), Handbook of Hydrocarbon and Lipid Metabolism. Springer-Verlag Berlin, DOI 10.1007/978-3-540-77587-4_344


Research publications 

Fürch T, Preusse P, Tomasch J, Zech H, Wagner-Döbler I, Rabus R, Wittmann C (2009) Metabolic
fluxes in the central carbon metabolism of Dinoroseobactershibae and Phaeobacter gallaeciensis,
two members of the marine Roseobacter clade.BMC Microbiology 9:209 doi:10.1186/1471-2180-9-209

Wagner-Döbler I, Baumgart M, Brinkhoff T, Buchholz I, Bunk B, Cypionka H, Daniel R, Drepper T, Gerdts G, Hahnke S, Han C, Jahn D, Kalhoefer D, Kiss H, Klenk HP, Kyrpides N, Liebl W, Liesegang H, Meincke L, Petersen J, Piekarski T, Pommerenke C, Pradella S, Pukall R, Rabus R, Stackebrandt E, Thole S, Thompson S, Tielen P, Tomasch J, von Jan M, Wanphrut N, Wichels A, Zech H, Simon M. (2009) The complete genome sequence of the algal symbiont Dinoroseobacter shibae – a hitchhiker`s guide to life in the sea. ISME J, accepted.

Zech H, Thole S, Schreiber K, Kalhöfer D, Voget S, Brinkhoff T, Simon M, Schomburg D, Rabus R (2009) Growth phase-dependent global protein and metabolite profiles of Phaeobacter gallaeciensis strain DSM 17395, a member of the marine Roseobacter-clade. Proteomics 9:3677-3697

Wöhlbrand L, Rabus R (2009) Development of a genetic system for the denitrifying bacterium 'Aromatoleum aromaticum' strain EbN1. J Mol Microbiol Biotechnol 17:41-52

Musat F, Galushko A, Jacob J, Widdel F, Kube M, Reinhardt R, Wilkes H, Schink B, Rabus R (2009) Anaerobic degradation of naphthalene and 2-methylnaphthalene by strains of marine sulfate-reducing bacteria. Environ Microbiol 11:209-219   

Strittmatter AW, Liesegang H, Rabus R, Decker I, Amann J, Andres S, Henne A, Fricke WF, Martinez-Arias R, Bartels D, Goesmann A, Krause L, Pühler A, Klenk H-P, Richter M, Schüler M, Glöckner FO, Meyerdierks A, Gottschalk G, Amann R (2009) Genome sequence of Desulfobacterium autotrophicum HRM2, a marine sulfate reducer oxidizing organic carbon completely to carbon dioxide. Environ Microbiol 11:1038-1055 

Tamang DG, Rabus R, Barabote RD, Saier MH Jr (2009) Comprehensive analyses of transport proteins encoded within the genome of "Aromatoleum aromaticum" strain EbN1. Journal of Membrane Biology 229:53-90


Research publications

Wöhlbrand L, Wilkes H, Halder T, Rabus R (2008) Anaerobic degradation of p-ethylphenol by „Aromatoleum aromaticum“ strain EbN1: pathway, involved proteins and regulation. J Bacteriol 190:5699-5709

Grundmann O, Behrends A, Rabus R, Amann J, Halder T, Heider J, Widdel F* (2008) Genes encoding the candidate enzyme for anaerobic activation of n-alkanes in the denitrifying bacterium, strain HxN1. Environ Microbiol 10:376–385

Trautwein K, Kühner S, Halder T, Kutcha K, Steinbüchel A, Rabus R (2008) Solvent stress response of the denitrifying strain EbN1. Appl Environ Microbiol 74:2267-2274


Research publications

Wöhlbrand L, Kallerhoff B, Lange D, Hufnagel P, Thiermann J, Reinhardt R, Rabus R (2007) Functional proteomic view of metabolic regulation in “Aromatoleum aromaticum” strain EbN1. Proteomics 7:2222-2239

Knaust F, Kube M*, Reinhardt R, Rabus R (2007) Anaylses of the vrl gene cluster in Desulfococcus multivorans: homologous to the virulence associated locus of the ovine footrot pathogen Dichelobacter nodosus strain A198. J Mol Microbiol Biotechnol 3:156-164

Reviews or book chapters

Rabus R, Strittmatter A (2007) Functional genomics of sulfate-reducing prokaryotes. In: Barton LL, Hamilton WA (eds) Sulphate-reducing bacteria. Environmental and engineered systems. pp. 117-140 Cambridge

Heider J, Rabus R (2007) Genomic insights in the anaerobic biodegradation of organic pollutants.In: Diaz E (ed) Microbial biodegradation: genomics and molecular biology. Horizon Scientific Press (in press).


Research publications

Hufnagel P, Rabus R (2006) Mass spectrometric identification in complex post-genomic projects. Soluble proteins of the metabolically versatile, denitrifying “Aromatoleum” sp. strain EbN1. J Mol Microbiol Biotechnol 11:53-81

Höffken HW*, Duong M, Friedrich T, Breuer M, Hauer B, Reinhardt R, Rabus R, Heider J (2006)
Crystal structure and enzyme kinetics of the (S)-specific 1-phenylethanol dehydrogenase of the
denitrifying bacterium strain EbN1. Biochemistry 45:82-93


Research publications

Rabus R, Kube M, Heider J, Beck A, Heitmann K, Widdel F, Reinhardt R (2005). The complete genome of an aromatic-degrading denitrifying bacterium, strain EbN1. Arch Microbiol 183:27-36

Kühner S, Wöhlbrandt L, Hufnagel P, Fritz I, Hultschig C, Kube M, Reinhardt R, Rabus R (2005) Substrate-dependent regulation of anaerobic ethylbenzene and toluene metabolism in a denitrifying bacterium, strain EbN1. J Bacteriol 187:1493-1503

Kube M, Beck A, Meyerdierks A, Amann R, Reinhardt R*, Rabus R (2005) A catabolic gene cluster for anaerobic benzoate degradation in methanotrophic microbial Black Sea mats. System Appl Microbiol 28:287-294

Mußmann M*, Ishii K, Rabus R, Amann R (2005) Diversity and distribution of cultured and uncultured Delta Proteobacteria in an intertidal mud flat of the Wadden Sea. Environ Microbiol 7:405-418

Gade D, Theiss D, Lange D, Mirgorodskaya E, Lombardot T, Kube M, Reinhardt R, Amann R, Lehrach H, Rabus R, Gobom J (2005) Towards the proteome of the marine bacterium Rhodopirellula baltica: mapping the soluble proteins. Proteomics 5:3654-3671

Gade D, Stührmann T, Gobom J, Rabus R (2005) Metabolic reconstruction and regulation in the marine bacterium Rhodopirellula baltica. Proteomics 5:3672-3683

Gade D, Stührmann T, Reinhardt R, Rabus R (2005) Proteomic analysis of growth stages and morphotypes in the marine bacterium Rhodopirellula baltica. Environ Microbiol 7:1074-1084

Reviews or book chapters

Rabus R (2005) Biodegradation of hydrocarbons under anoxic conditions. In: Ollivier B, Magot M (eds) Petroleum microbiology. pp. 277-299. ASM-Press Washington

Rabus R (2005) Functional genomics in an anaerobic aromatics-degrading denitrifying bacterium,
strain EbN1. Appl Microbiol Biotechnol 68:580-587


Research publications

Kube M, Heider J, Hufnagel P, Kühner S, Beck A, Reinhardt R, Rabus R (2004) Genes involved in the anaerobic degradation of toluene in a denitrifying bacterium, strain EbN1. Arch Microbiol 181:182-184

Rabus R, Ruepp A, Frickey T, Rattei T, Fartmann B, Stark M, Bauer M, Zibat A, Lombardot T, Becker I, Amann, J, Gellner K, Teeling H, Leuschner DW, Glöckner FO, Lupas AN, Amann R, Klenk HP* (2004) The genome of a sulphate-reducing bacterium from permanently cold Arctic sediment: Desulfotalea psychrophila. Environ Microbiol 6:887-902

Schlesner H*, Rathmann M, Bartels C, Tindall B, Gade D, Rabus R, Pfeiffer S, Hirsch P (2004) Taxonomic heterogeneity within the Planctomycetales as derived by DNA/DNA-hybridization, description of Rhodopirellula baltica gen. nov., sp. nov. and transfer of Pirellula marina to the genus Blastopirellula gen. nov. as Blastopirellula marina comb. nov. Int J Syst Evol Bacteriol 54:1567-1580

Hufnagel P, Schweiger-Hufnagel U, Behrens M, Macht M, Baessmann C, Suckau D, Schürenberg M, Rabus R (2004) Bakterium mit vorhergesagten ORFs – eine Herausforderung für die Proteomanalytik. Laborwelt 5 (4):31-34

Schweiger-Hufnagel U, Behrens M, Jürgens M, Baessmann C, Suckau D, Rabus R (2004) Neues
Werkzeug für die de-novo Sequenzierung von Proteinen. Biospektrum Sonderausgabe 10. Jahrgang:566-567


Research publications

Wilkes H*, Kühner S, Bolm C, Fischer Th, Classen A, Widdel F, Rabus R (2003) Formation of n-alkane and cycloalkane-derived organic acids during anaerobic growth of denitrifying bacteria with crude oil. Organ Geochem 34:1313-1323

Haveman SA, Brunelle V, Voordouw JK, Voordouw G*, Heidelberg JF, Rabus R (2003) Gene expression analysis of energy metabolism mutants of Desulfovibrio vulgaris Hildenborough indicates an important role for alcohol dehydrogenase. J Bacteriol 185:4345-4353

Gade D, Thiermann J, Markowsky D, Rabus R (2003) Evaluation of two-dimensional difference gel electrophoresis for protein profiling. Soluble proteins of the marine bacterium Pirellula sp. strain 1. J Mol Microbiol Biotechnol 5:240-251

Glöckner FO*, Kube M, Bauer M, Teeling H, Lombardot T, Ludwig W, Gade D, Beck A, Borzym K, Heitmann K, Rabus R, Schlesner H, Amann R, Reinhardt R (2003) Complete genome sequence of the marine planctomycete Pirellula sp. strain 1. Proc Natl Acad Sci 100:8298-8303

Reviews or book chapters

Widdel F*, Boetius A*, Rabus R (2003) Anaerobic biodegradation of hydrocarbons including methane.
In: Dworkin M, Falkow S, Rosenberg E, Schleifer K-H, Stackebrandt E (eds) The Prokaryotes 3rd
edition. Springer-Verlag Heidelberg


Research publications

Wilkes H*, Rabus R, Fischer T, Armstroff A, Behrends A, Widdel F (2002) Anaerobic degradation of n-hexane in a denitrifying bacterium: Further degradation of the initial intermediate (1-methylpentyl)succinate via C-skeleton rearrangement. Arch Microbiol 177:235-243

Llobet-Brossa E, Rabus R, Böttcher ME, Könneke M, Finke N, Schramm A, Meyer RL, Grötzschel S, Rosselló-Mora R, Amann R (2002) Community structure and activity of sulfate-reducing bacteria in an intertidal surface-sediment: a multi-methods approach. Aquatic Microbial Ecol 29:211-226

Rabus R, Kube M, Beck A, Widdel F, Reinhardt R (2002) Genes involved in the anaerobic degradation of ethylbenzene in a denitrifying bacterium, strain EbN1. Arch Microbiol 178:506-516

Rabus R, Brüchert V, Amann J, Könneke M (2002) Physiological response to temperature changes of the marine, sulfate-reducing bacterium Desulfobacterium autotrophicum. FEMS Microbiol Ecol 42:409-417

Rabus R, Gade D, Helbig R, Bauer M, Glöckner FO, Kube M, Schlesner H, Reinhardt R, Amann R (2002) Analysis of N-acetylglucosamine metabolism in the marine bacterium Pirellula sp. strain 1 by a proteomic approach. Proteomics 2:649-655

Reviews or book chapters

Widdel F*, Rabus R (2002) Anaerobic biodegradation of saturated and aromatic hydrocarbons. Curr
Opin Biotechnol 12:259-276


Research publications

Rabus R, Wilkes H, Behrends A, Armstroff A, Fischer Th, Pierik AJ, Widdel F (2001) Anaerobic initial reaction of n-alkanes in a denitrifying bacterium: Evidence for (1-methylpentyl)succinate as initial product and for involvement of an organic radical in n-hexane metabolism. J Bacteriol 183:1707-1715

Reviews or book chapters

Rabus R, Hansen T, Widdel F* (2001) Dissimilatory sulfate- and sulfur-reducing prokaryotes. In:
Dworkin M, Falkow S, Rosenberg E, Schleifer K-H, Stackebrandt E (eds) The Prokaryotes: an evolving
electronic resource for the microbiological community. Heidelberg, Springer Science Online


Research publications

Wilkes H*, Boreham C, Harms G, Zengler K, Rabus R (2000) Anaerobic degradation and carbon isotopic fractionation of alkylbenzenes in crude oil by sulphate-reducing bacteria. Organ Geochem 31:101-115

Paulsen IT*, Nguyen L, Sliwinski MK, Rabus R, Saier Jr MH (2000) Microbial genome analyses:
comparative transport capabilities in eighteen prokaryotes. J Mol Biol 301:75-100


Research publications

Champion KM, Zengler K, Rabus R (1999) Anaerobic degradation of ethylbenzene and toluene in denitrifying strain EbN1 proceeds via independent substrate-induced pathways. J Mol Microbiol Biotechnol 1:157-164

Harms G, Rabus R, Widdel F* (1999) Anaerobic oxidation of the aromatic plant hydrocarbon p-cymene by newly isolated denitrifying bacteria. Arch Microbiol 172:303-312

Harms G, Zengler K, Rabus R, Aeckersberg F, Minz D, Rosselló-Mora R, Widdel F* (1999) Anaerobic oxidation of o-xylene, m-xylene, and homologous alkylbenzenes by new types of sulfate-reducing bacteria. Appl Environ Microbiol 65:999-1004

Rabus R, Wilkes H, Schramm A, Harms G, Behrends A, Amann R, Widdel F (1999) Anaerobic utilization of alkylbenzenes and n-alkanes from crude oil in an enrichment culture of denitrifying bacteria affiliating with the b-subclass of Proteobacteria. Environ Microbiol 1:145-157

Rabus R, Jack DL, Kelly DJ, Saier Jr MH* (1999) TRAP transporters: an ancient family of extracytoplasmic solute-receptor-dependent secondary active transporters. Microbiology 145:3431-3445

Rabus R, Reizer J, Paulsen I, Saier Jr MH* (1999) Enzyme INtr from Escherichia coli. A novel enzyme of the phosphoenolpyruvate-dependent phosphotransferase system exhibiting strict specificity for its phosphoryl acceptor, NPr. J Biol Chem 274:26185-26191

Reviews or book chapters

Fukui M, Harms G, Rabus R, Schramm A, Wilkes H, Zengler K, Widdel F* (1999) Degradation of hydrocarbons from crude oil by anaerobic bacteria. In: Proceedings of the Seventh International Symposium on Microbial Ecology 1998, Halifax, USA. American Society for Microbiology, Washington DC

Rabus R (1999) Summer course on advanced bacterial genetics. Futura 14:82-84


Research publications

Rabus R, Heider J* (1998) Initial reactions of anaerobic metabolism of alkylbenzenes in denitrifying and sulfate-reducing bacteria. Arch Microbiol 170:377-384

Reizer J, Hoischen C, Titgemeyer F, Rivolta C, Rabus R, Stülke J, Karamata D, Saier Jr MH*, Hillen
W (1998) A novel protein kinase that controls carbon catabolite repression in bacteria.
Mol Microbiol 27:1157-1169


Reviews or book chapters

Aeckersberg F, Rueter P, Rabus R, Widdel F* (1997) Degradation of hydrocarbons by anaerobic bacteria.
In: Martins MT, Sato MIZ, Tiedje JM, Hagler LCN, Döbereiner J, Sanchez PS (eds) Progress in
microbial ecology, proceedings of the seventh international symposium on microbial ecology,
Brazilian Society for Microbiology, Sao Paulo, pp 69-75


Research publications

Rabus R, Widdel F (1996) Utilization of alkylbenzenes during anaerobic growth of pure cultures of denitrifying bacteria on crude oil. Appl Environ Microbiol 62:1238-1241

Rabus R, Fukui M, Wilkes H, Widdel F* (1996) Degradative capacities and 16S rRNA-targeted whole-cell
hybridization of sulfate-reducing bacteria in an anaerobic enrichment culture utilizing alkylbenzenes
from crude oil. Appl Environ Microbiol 62:3605-3613


Research publications

Rabus R, Widdel F* (1995) Anaerobic degradation of ethylbenzene and other aromatic hydrocarbons by new denitrifying bacteria. Arch Microbiol 163:96-103

Rabus R, Widdel F* (1995) Conversion studies with substrate analogues of toluene in a sulfate-reducing bacterium, strain Tol2. Arch Microbiol 164:448-451

Reviews or book chapters

Wilkes H*, Wilsch H, Rabus R, Aeckersberg F, Rueter P, Widdel F (1995) Compositional changes of
crude oils upon anaerobic degradation by sulphate-reducing bacteria. In: 17th International
Meeting on Organic Geochemistry, 1995. Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain


Research publications

Rueter P, Rabus R, Wilkes H, Aeckersberg F, Rainey FA, Jannasch HW, Widdel F* (1994)
Anaerobic oxidation of hydrocarbons in crude oil by new types of sulphate-reducing bacteria. Nature


Research publications

Rabus R, Nordhaus R, Ludwig W, Widdel F* (1993) Complete oxidation of toluene under strictly anoxic conditions by a new sulfate-reducing bacterium. Appl Environ Microbiol 59:1444-1451

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