Research Interests

Research Dr. Hannelore Waska

Research Interests

  • Groundwater-surface water interactions in the coastal zone (submarine groundwater discharge, SGD): Detection (chemical & physical gradients), quantification (tracer-based), effects on water column biogeochemistry.
  • Interactions of trace metals (copper, iron) with dissolved organic matter (DOM) in SGD and seawater: Origin and fate in the coastal aquifer and adjacent ocean, analytical method development.


I am coordinating the interdisciplinary consortium project “BIME”. This project aims at understanding the geochemical processes in the subterranean estuary, an interface between terrestrial groundwater and recirculating seawater in the coastal aquifer. The subterranean estuary is located on the Frisian Barrier Island Spiekeroog, and serves as a case study for mesotidal, high-energy beach systems influenced by groundwater. My scientific focus within the project is the abiotic (adsorption/release) and biotic (microbial respiration) processing of DOM within the shallow subterranean estuary and across the sediment-water interface.

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