Stefanie Moorthi

Postdoctoral researcher

Research Focus

Mixotrophy in microbial food webs

Multitrophic biodiversity effects

Project association

German Science Foundation (DFG)

Relevance of functional diversity in microbial food webs: effects of grazer diversity on prey diversity and composition, 2008-2011, (DFG: Mo 1931/1-1;1-2) [PI]          

Volkswagen Foundation

Harmful algal blooms, subproject in the collaborative project “Recurrent Extreme Events in Spatially Extended Systems: Mechanisms of their Generation and Termination”, 2011-2014, coordinator Ulrike Feudel [PI]

Selected publications

Filip J, Müller LL, Hillebrand H, Moorthi S 2012. Nutritional mode and specialization alter protist consumer diversity effects on prey assemblages. Aquatic Microbial Ecology 66: 257–269

Ptacnik R, Moorthi SD, Hillebrand H 2010. Hutchinson Reversed, or Why There Need to Be So Many Species. Advances Ecological Research 43: 1-43

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