The Plankton Ecology Lab is involved in teaching in the bachelor programs Environmental Science, Biology and - in cooperation with Jade-HS - Marine Technology and in the master programs Marine Environmental Sciences, Microbiology and Environmental Modelling.


The following courses are taught in English.

Master Marine Umweltwissenschaften

Lab course "Basic Ecological Processes"(Module BKMU)

Responsible: Stefanie Moorthi & Maren Striebel 

Seminar and Lab Course "Functional consequences of biodiversity change" together with Prof. Dr. Klemens Eriksson, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

Responsible: Helmut Hillebrand

Master Microbiology

Lecture: "Microbial Ecology", section on theoretical ecology

Responsible: Maren Striebel

Graduate School OLTECH

Seminar "Current tools in biodiversity research"

Responsible: Helmut Hillebrand

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