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Access to the campus network

In order to use the IT services of the University of Oldenburg, you need a reasonably up-to-date end device (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone) and a valid user account. Depending on the type of your end device and your own location, you can connect to the IT systems on the campus network of Oldenburg University in various ways:

Access to the campus network via eduroam WLAN

In order to be able to use eduroam in the WLAN of other institutions, the complete account name must be entered in your end device.

If you do not achieve the desired result with these instructions, our IT consulting service or our IT service desk will be happy to help you.


Eduroam-WLAN on the campus of the University of Oldenburg

The University of Oldenburg participates in the eduroam service network. This allows all university members to gain network access on the campus in Oldenburg as well as at any other eduroam locations worldwide via the local WLAN with their University of Oldenburg user ID. Many German research institutions belong to the eduroam network; a complete list can be found on the pages of Of course, guests from other eduroam institutions can also use the WLAN of Oldenburg University with the login data of their home institution.

In the public areas on the campus of Oldenburg University (lecture halls, seminar rooms, central library, cafeterias) you can use the WLAN network access via eduroam. However, the quality of this network connection depends very much on the number of competing end devices and can sometimes be very slow at peak times or not available at all for a short time. This is in the nature of things and unfortunately cannot be changed.

Please note: The offices and laboratories of the university are typically not equipped with WLAN. Please connect your terminal device there to the campus network via cable!

Automated configuration of your terminal device with easyroam

An automated configuration of your terminal device for eduroam use can be downloaded from the easyroam website. Please log in here with your access data and agree to the data transfer. If necessary, you must first select the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg as your home organisation. Then follow the instructions on the website or in the downloaded installation programme.

You can install the easyroam app for Android or iPhone via the respective store of the end device.

If you have previously used the apps EduroamCAT or GETEDUROAM, you must remove them before using easyroam.

Access to the campus network via network cable

As a University employee with a fixed workstation, you connect your terminal device by cable to a data socket in your office. The prerequisite for such a wired connection is that the data socket in question is activated.

VPN access to the campus network from outside

If you need access to the campus network from outside, you can establish such a connection with the help of a VPN client on your end device.

With the help of a tunnel through the internet, the VPN mechanism virtually extends the campus network (intranet) of the university to any other internet access point: your terminal device at the other end of the VPN tunnel behaves approximately exactly as if it were directly in the campus network. This is useful for services that are offered exclusively in the campus network (for example, L-drives and web pages restricted to the intranet).

VPN use requires that you install specific software (a VPN client) on your terminal device, that you have access to the campus network via user account and that you currently have internet access. VPN access to the campus network is also suitable for teleworking by university staff.

You can download a VPN client and find instructions on how to set up your terminal here:

Advantages of VPN access

  • With the internal IP address you can reach various non-public services of the university.
  • Reading data traffic in the WLAN and on the internet is made more difficult by the encryption of the VPN connection. This may be attractive for you if you connect your notebook via a foreign network.

Restrictions on VPN access

  • The procedure requires that you use your own terminal device with a VPN client installed.
  • Dialling in via VPN client does not remove all access restrictions and therefore does not provide access to all network services.
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