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Project Management System OpenProject


You can reach the system at:

General information about the system

OpenProject is a project management tool that can support individuals or whole teams during the project life cycle. General information about the system can be found here:

It can be used in a variety of ways at a university: for example, it can help planning and implementing projects or final theses during teaching and learning, it can give supervisors an overview of the current status of different supervised works, or it can be used for exercises in lectures on project management.

In the area of research, it can help to plan, carry out and document research projects and results - but also to track the respective project procedure and its influence on the research success. Finally, in the context of administration or IT services, there are also various projects with different teams involved, who can use this tool for coordination.

Characteristics of our University’s installation

OpenProject is available to all university members. This means that both students and staff can log in with their personal university access data at and use the system's functions. After logging in, you need to confirm that you have taken note of the university's internet usage regulations and the OpenProject data protection information.

Creating projects
After registering, you cannot create new projects immediately. Please wait a maximum of 5 minutes! This is, because a newly created account by logging in via LDAP cannot automatically receive the project creation rule (more information on this can be found here). Therefore, a process is triggered that will give you this right within the next 5 minutes. A plus symbol in the upper left corner then will confirm that you are able to create projects (see the following illustration).

If the plus is not present, simply reload the page after 5 minutes.

Please note that you can only add other people to an existing project if they have logged into the OpenProject system at least once. Only then they are known to the system and can be integrated into projects or assigned to work packages.

Creating groups
You can also invite groups to projects instead of individual persons. However, only administrators can create groups. Therefore, if you are planning many projects with a large number of people, please contact and have a suitable group created. Please make sure that all people needed for this group have logged into the OpenProject system at least once so that they can be assigned accordingly.

Project templates
Each project can be used as a template for other projects - however, only an administrator can create a template from a project and not its owners themselves. So if you have a project that you would like to reuse (in whole or in part) in other projects, please send an email with the name of the project to and we will make it a template. Please note that you can only use your own projects as templates and have no access to other people's project templates. As soon as you create a new project based on a template, you can select which areas of the template you would like to copy (see the following illustration).

Connection to the university's cloud storage
Although you can add files directly as attachments to work packages, these files are often saved and updated in a cloud storage system. Accordingly, we have integrated the university's cloud storage into the OpenProject system. To use this integration, please activate the module "File Storage" in the project configuration and then add the university's cloud storage under the menu item "File Storage" (see following figure).

A detailed description of the process can be found in the OpenProject manual, see link. Please note that within the cloud storage you still have to authorize your project members accordingly (may only read, may delete, etc.). Please also note that we have integrated the cloud storage with the URL: I.e. only from there you can search for projects or work packages to add files to them (and not from or

Deleting / archiving projects
The system stipulates that only administrators may delete projects and not the project owners or creators themselves (information on this can be found here under this link). However, they can archive their projects instead (the project then appears as deleted, see figure below).

To do this, simply go to the project configuration and select the "Archive" button at the top right. Once this action has been confirmed, the project then is no longer visible. An advantage of this is that an archived project can be easily restored if necessary.

Deleting your own account
If you do not want your data to be found in the OpenProject system any more, you have the option of deleting your account yourself. You will find the corresponding option in your "personal settings" under "delete account" (see figure below).

Please note that a deleted account cannot be restored. Please also note that if your account is deleted and you then log back into the system, a new account will automatically be created for you.

Functionality of the full version
The University currently operates the full version (Enterprise Edition) of OpenProject. Information on this can be found under this link. This provides the following functions:

  • team planner
  • advanced agile boards
  • own colour scheme & logo
  • work package graphs on the project page
  • Highlighting of attributes
  • Intelligent workflows / custom actions
  • Advanced search
  • Configuration of work package forms
  • Custom project fields in project list
  • User-defined fields for work packages
  • Display of relations in work packages
  • Placeholder users
  • Individual help texts

For further details and notes, please refer to the continuously updated online user manual:
- German version of the online user manual
- English version of the online user manual


Please note that the IT services only provide this service, but cannot give project management support. For this purpose, the Personnel and Organisational Development (PEOE) department, for example, offers training courses at regular intervals as part of staff development. The current list of courses can be found in the PEOE.IP system at:

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