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Copy, Print, Scan

Two fleets of Ricoh multifunctional devices are available in the university and can be used with the appropriate card.

Printing and copying in the library with CampusCard

A fleet can be used with the CampusCard in the forms of student card, Dienstausweis and Printkarte and is operated exclusively on the premises of the library at the Haarentor and Wechloy campuses. When using the student card or for private use with the use of the Dienstausweis, a minimum credit of 1.40 euros is required in the CampusCard wallet. The service ID and print card can be used for official printing.

You can download the printer client for installation on your private Windows notebook or PC (64-bit operating system) here. Print_in_BIS-Kiosk and execute the installation by calling Driver_Client_Setup.cmd.

Information on using these multifunctional devices is provided in the library: Working in the BIS: Printing and copying

Copying, printing, scanning outside the library with Dienstausweis or Printkarte

Copying, printing, scanning outside of the library with Dienstausweis or Printkarte

The Ricoh multifunctional devices can be used by university employees for copying, printing and scanning after authentication with a CampusCard (Dienstausweis or Printkarte). The devices consist of a scan unit and a print unit. In conjunction with a PC, these two units can be used independently for scanning and printing. In the copier unit, both units connected together provide the copying function.

Lecturers, students, guests of the university and function accounts can also use the service if a staff member applies for a Printkarte for the persons, functions and informs the Division 1 of the account to be deposited for the Printkarte.


After authentication via campus card, the multifunctional device behaves like a copier; pages scanned there are output immediately.


From any PC in the university's campus network, the queue of the multifunctional devices can be used to output any print job. The user can pick up the printout at a multifunctional device of his or her choice after authentication via campus card.


After authentication via campus card, any multifunctional device can be used as a scanner. The scanned pages are stored in the subdirectory 'scans' of the home directory (L-drive) of the respective user.


The multifunctional devices can be found at many locations on the Haarentor and Wechloy campuses. In addition, there are devices at Terramare (WHV), Emsstr. 20 (WHV) and at the Johann-Justus-Weg 147 and Philosophenweg 36 locations.

Devices of different performance classes are available at the locations, i.e. devices with output capabilities of 30 pages/minute or 45 pages/minute as well as several devices with finishers. The allocations can be found in the list linked here (pdf).

To find the buildings mentioned in the list, please use the campus map or the building map.

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