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The download area is accessible using your university account. Please use Microsoft Edge, Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your browser.

In addition, we would like to point out the software and services offered by the Academic Cloud, the academic service portal for Lower Saxony. The Academic Cloud is a portal that can be used by universities, higher education institutions or research institutions in Lower Saxony. ** Connection to the university network required (access via licence server).

Name Location

MatLab for Unix / Windows

Software download Further information

Maple for Unix / Windows **

Software downloadFurther information Attention: Use Maple 2022 or higher. Maple 2021 will soon no longer be supported.

Mnova (NMR Spectroscopy)

Software download


Software download

Attention: Use MAXQDA from version 2022. MAXQDA 2020 is no longer supported - it is no longer possible to use it!


Software download

Note on version change and computer rooms Further information

Global Protect VPN Client

Further information under VPN access to the campus network from outside

ArcGIS for Desktop

ArcGIS Online (for students)

Software download for employees

Info from ESRI for students: Link to ESRI Students can obtain a licence file from the IT advisory service in the library on Uhlhornsweg or in Wechloy. Students can use ArcGIS Online after registering at

digital map material Lower Saxony for ArcGIS (for employees)

Software download (for employees)

Origin **

Software download


Software download


Licence for students and employees With this licence you can also use Citavi Web (operation in the browser, no installation required). The plugin "Citavi Picker"(instructions here) can be installed in the browser, then publications can be added automatically from websites.Instructions for use with Office 2016Software download here


Further information
KeepassXC Password manager or password vault, the use of which is recommended by the Data Protection and Information Security Unit within the FAQs formulated there for storing passwords. A download can be made via the original pages for the product, a detailed installation and usage description is available here.
KOFAX Power PDF (Windows)

Software download - as well as installation via ZENworks, as long as the university PC is connected to the central software distribution.

SentinelOne (virus protection) Software download (for employees) The software is licensed exclusively for use on official University terminals. Please provide your own virus protection for private computers.
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