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+49 441 798-5555 Please contact the IT Service Desk preferably by , as there is only one phone line available. The IT Dienste will call you back if you leave your telephone number.

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User account at the university

Similar to an ID card, your user account identifies you as a person to the technical systems that provide the IT services of Oldenburg University for you. With the help of the user account, you will be able to access exactly those systems and services that the University makes available to you for your specific role. To access all available systems and services, you only need this one account name (consisting of four letters followed by four numbers) and your personal password.

These user accounts are available to

You can view the accounts for which you are entered as the responsible person. Furthermore, you can also pass these accounts on to other employees of the university so that they are responsible for them in the future. This is necessary, for example, if you are leaving the university soon but your guests will continue to work for the university and should keep the account. If you do not transfer the host role to another person employed at the University, the guest account cannot be used permanently. To transfer the host role, please use the Manage my accounts form. The new responsible person must agree to the transfer during the process.

Validity period of passwords

Following a decision by our Governing Board, passwords do not have a time-limited validity.

On you can assign a new password after entering your old password for logging in to the site. On this page you can also make further settings for your account. For example, we advise you to leave a mobile phone number or another e-mail address to which a new initial password can be sent if you forget your password.

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