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Groupware (email, calendar, contacts, tasks)


The IT-Dienste provide you with the groupware services email, calendar, contacts and tasks. These services have been produced with the Exchange 2016 system from Microsoft since 10.12.2016.

You can access the functions offered by Exchange in different ways depending on the available equipment: With any device that has a Web browser, you can use Outlook on the web.

In addition, depending on the operating system of your device, you can use dedicated programs (apps) to access all or part of the Exchange functionality.

Access via web browser

Regardless of the operating system (*) of your device, you can use Outlook on the Web using your Web browser. The functionality is essentially the same as that of Outlook, so that you can use the typical groupware functions under a uniform interface even with non-Windows based end devices. Please note that the system time must be set correctly in your terminal device.

Supported web browsers for Outlook on the web are Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11, and the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari. In Mozilla Firefox, the creation of the chronicle must be allowed. It is not possible to open Outlook on the Web in a private window.

* To use Safari, an operating system version of Mac OS X Mavericks or later (10.9.0 or later) is required. If you are using an older OS X operating system version, you can use the service with a current version of the Firefox browser, for example.

Access with Windows computers

On Windows computers we recommend the use of Outlook from version 2010 onwards. This e-mail client provides you with the typical groupware functions under a uniform interface in a convenient and comfortable way. How to configure your device accordingly is described in detail on these help pages.

Access with Apple computers

On Apple computers running Mac OS X Mavericks or later (10.9.0 or later), you can use Apple's Address Book, iCal and Mail applications. Instructions on how to set them up can be found here. If you prefer to use the Outlook interface instead of the above-mentioned Mac OS X applications, you can also install Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2011. It is described here how you should set it up.

Access with Smartphones

The groupware service can also be used with common smartphones. The prerequisite for this is one of these operating systems, for which we provide setup instructions here:

Please note that for data protection reasons you must agree to the guidelines for mobile devices when using the groupware service with smartphones. The guidelines include the following security settings:

  • mandatory access protection of the smartphone by PIN
  • the PIN must have four digits
  • the smartphone is locked after 15 minutes of inactivity at the latest
  • the martphone data is reset after 8 attempts to enter the PIN
  • consent to remotely reset the smartphone data

In addition, other smartphone operating systems may also work with Exchange 2016, but we cannot provide support for these.

(Changed: 04 Oct 2022)