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Mailing lists

A mailing list is a list of e-mail addresses that itself has an e-mail address. The mailing list system forwards an e-mail sent to the address of the mailing list to all members of the mailing list.

Depending on the mailing list setting, forwarding takes place immediately after sending, after release by a moderator or as a regular (e.g. daily) compilation.

In a closed mailing list, only members of the list can send a message to all other members via the list address without knowing their e-mail addresses.

Central mailing lists

There are central distribution lists for sending circulars to certain groups (e.g. all employees or all students) within the university, which are operated by the Press & Communication Office (P&K). In justified cases, messages can be sent to these distribution lists on behalf of the university; the P&K decides on this.

Manual mailing lists

Lists whose members are entered manually into the list by you and other moderators are called manual mailing lists. You can create and manage these lists yourself in Stud.IP under the menu item "Messages" and the tab "Mailing lists".

Automatic mailing lists

However, we can also create automatic lists for you that always update themselves. To do this, you tell us which group of people should be included in the list. This could be, for example, all students of a subject or several subjects in combination with one or more degrees in one or more subject semesters. Or all professors of an institution or all academic staff or all lecturers or even all employees.

Please note that for employees we automatically only know the first organisational unit in which they are employed. If a person is employed in more than one institution, they must inform us so that we can add them to other organisational units.

Set up automated mailing list

Please send an e-mail to with the subject "Mailing list" and these further details:

  • The desired name of the list (Without spaces and umlauts).
  • Describe the group of people you would like to be included in this list.
  • For students: The subjects, the degrees, the semesters.
  • For employees: The organisational unit, whether all or only special status groups, whether with or without auxiliary staff and whether employees who have left should also be included.
  • Name the persons who may moderate the list. (We always create these lists as moderated lists. If you wish an exception here, please let us know).
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