Request for allocation of an IP address

Request for allocation of an IP address with host name

A fixed IP address only needs to be applied for in exceptional cases. The majority of end devices are automatically assigned an address.

If you need a fixed IP address for understandable reasons, please send the following data by e-mail to

To the previous terminal device:

  • Have you taken a registered device out of operation? Which one?

To the new terminal device:

  • Please briefly describe the reason why you need a fixed IP address.
  • The MAC address of the end device.*
  • The location of the end device(room number and number of the network socket) and/or subnet.
  • Only if the DNS name is important to you: The desired DNS name + DNS domain.

The person responsible for the operation of the end device:

The person responsible for operation is often the EDP officer of your institution. Otherwise, it is the user of the terminal device. The person in question must be reachable in order to be available in case of operational problems:

  • Name*
  • E-mail address*
  • Telephone number*

The institution/faculty/institute to which the terminal device belongs:

  • The name of the institution/faculty/... to which the end device belongs.

* = mandatory information without which your application cannot be processed.

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