Masoumehsadat Hosseini


Masoumehsadat Hosseini

University of Oldenburg

Department of Computing Science

Media Informatics and Multimedia Systems

Escherweg 2
26121 Oldenburg

Room: OFFIS E123



Masoumehsadat Hosseini

Masoumehsadat  is a PhD student and research assistant in the Media Informatics and Multimedia Systems department at the University of Oldenburg.

She is broadly interested in Human-Computer Interaction, she has focused proprietarily on gesture technology for effective interaction with computing systems, from large public displays to personal mobile and wearable devices and gadgets. In her doctoral research, she explores the common characteristics of gestures in pervasive computing environments to elaborate on factors of their “success” across situations and domains. In her work, she has planned to develop a general vocabulary of gestures and a gesture grammar that generalizes over domains.

Research interests

  • Input and interaction techniques
  • Measurement and modeling of human performance
  • HCI research and research methods
  • Mobile computing
  • Accessible Computing


Hosseini, Masoumehsadat, Hamid Reza Hamidi, and Shokoh Kermanshahani. "The impacts of situational impairment on touch gestures in public spaces: Walking in sunlight." Computers & Electrical Engineering  84 (2020): 106617. DOI:

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