Preliminary Programme

Monday, November 17th, 2014


11:30   Coffee and snacks
12:00Welcome (B. Kollmeier)

Overview talks by heads of the participating groups

Michael Hofman, KU Leuven
Christian Lorenzi, ENS Paris: Novel paradigms to Investigate Temporal Fine Structure Processing


Poster introduction talks (2 min per poster)

Julien Besle: Can the non-human primate core-belt model be applied to the human auditory cortex? Evidence from functional and structural MRI at 7 Tesla
Stephan Ewert: An auditory model-based approach to dynamic compression
Marc René Schädler: Robust separate spectro-temporal filter bank features for automatic speech recognition
Steffen Kortlang: Single Channel Noise Reduction based on an Auditory Filterbank
Gerald Encina Llamas: Estimates of peripheral compression using auditory steady-state responses (ASSR)
Robin Gransier: How the modulation frequency affects the electrically evoked auditory steady-state response in CI users
Jeremy Marozeau: The influence of current focussing on hearing with a cochlear implant
Regina Baumgärtel: Technical and subjective assessment of binaural speech enhancement algorithms for bilateral CI

13:20- Lunch break -
14:15Poster session I

Overview talks by heads of the participating groups

Torsten Dau, DTU Lyngby/Copenhagen
Wouter A. Dreschler, AMC Amsterdam: Overview of research activities in the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam
Christian Füllgrabe, IHR Nottingham


Poster introduction talks (2 min per poster)

Ladan Zamaninezhad/Tim Jürgens: Auditory model of speech intelligibility for electro-acoustic listeners
Christian Füllgrabe: Age-group differences in speech identification despite matched audiometrically normal hearing
Julia Habicht: Assessing the effects of hearing aid provision using an audio-visual ‘online’ measure of speech-in-noise processing
Richard McWalter: Temporal integration in sound texture perception
Nihaad Paraouty: Assessing Temporal Fine Structure Processing Indirectly: An AM/FM Interference Task
Sarah Verhulst:
Individual differences in near and supra-threshold hearing deficits
Nicolas Wallaert: Assessing Temporal Fine-Structure processing: "Derived Measures"

16:45- Coffee break -
17:00Poster session II

Overview talks by heads of the participating groups

Birger Kollmeier, CvO Universität Oldenburg

19:00Evening event: Oldenburger Kohltour with local food


Tuesday, November 18th, 2014


ARCHES Board meeting (with coffee and snacks)
09:00   Poster session III (with coffee and snacks)

Contributed talks and tandem talks

Arturo Moncada Torres (KU Leuven): Predicting Phoneme and Word Recognition using a Computational Model in Normal-Hearing Listeners
Anna Warzybok (CvO UOL): Prediction of binaural speech intelligibility in normal-hearing and hearing-impaired listeners: a psychoacoustically motivated extension
Inge Brons (AMC Amsterdam): Measuring Listening Effort with Reaction Time to Digits in Noise
Thomas Brand (CvO UOL): Measuring sentence processing time using reaction times and eye movements

11:20- Coffee and snacks -

Contributed talks and tandem talks

Bastian Epp (DTU Lyngby): Estimates of peripheral compression using auditory steady-state responses (ASSR) - and some perspectives
Victoria Kowalkowski
(MRC Institute of Hearing Research): Characterising the Misophonia population: Online patient self-support groups and internet questionnaires
Marya Sheikh Rashid (AMC Amsterdam): Evaluation and validation of the Occupational Earcheck (BOC)

12:45General discussion
13:00- Lunch break –
14:00Contributed talks and tandem talks
14:30Concluding discussion and farewell
15:00End of meeting



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