Dr. Kai Siedenburg

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Music Perception and Processing

We study how normal-hearing and hearing-impaired listeners make sense of musical sound. We consider music as a particularly exciting and challenging case of auditory perception and regard auditory perception as a critical determinant of musical culture. We conduct psychoacoustic experiments, develop auditory perception models, and design music audio processing algorithms. Please see our Research page to learn more about current projects and the Events page for past and upcoming activities.


[Apr 2024] New paper out in Scientific Reports: VIBROTACTILE ENHANCEMENT OF MUSICAL ENGAGEMENT. 

[Dec 2023] New paper on TIME-VARYING MUSIC ENGAGEMENT by Iris Mencke. 

[Dec 2023] Kai Siedenburg starts as Professor of Communication Acoustics at TU Graz. 

[Oct 2023] Robin Hake’s adaptive test of musical scene analysis (MSA) abilities has been accepted to Behavior Research Methods! Congrats Robin! 

Interested in participating in one of our experiments? Click here to participate. 

Press & Outreach

  • April 2023: Lots of press around our JASA-EL paper on level of lead vocals :, FAZ, and many many more outlets have reported our findings. And even NPR had a short piece. 
  • Oct 2022: Deutschlandradio Kultur covers our survey on musician’s hearing health
  • April 2022: MDR Wissen covers our work on orchestral musicians
  • Jan 2021: EU Research Results covers TIMPANI postdoc project by Kai Siedenburg.
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