Dr. Kai Siedenburg

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In the Music Perception and Processing Lab, we study how normal-hearing and hearing-impaired listeners make sense of musical sound. We develop music processing algorithms and perception models that are tested using psychophysics and EEG. Please see our Research page to learn more about current projects and the Events page for upcoming activities. 

Interested in PhD studies? We are currently looking for highly motivated candidates to join the lab. 


  • Our project kick-off workshop entitled "REAL-LIFE AUDITORY RESEARCH" will take place in Oldenburg on Friday Jan 31, 2020. Special guest: Prof. Daniel Müllensiefen from Goldsmiths University of London. 
  • Congratulations to former MSc student Josef Schroeder for winning the 2019 EUHA thesis price (European Union of Hearing Acousticians)!
  • Memorable Freigeist event in Hanover. Hooray to VolkswagenStiftung for funding this group for the next 5 years!


  • Nov 2019: NDR Info with a small radio feature of our research.
  • Oct 2019: A mini TV documentary about one of our experiments from the NDR (Hallo Niedersachsen). 
  • Sep 2019: Oldenburg's Nordwest Zeitung with a report on the new research project
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