Dr. Kai Siedenburg

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Music Perception and Processing

We study how normal-hearing and hearing-impaired listeners make sense of musical sound. We consider music as a particularly exciting and challenging case of auditory perception, and vice versa regard auditory perception as a critical component of musical culture. We conduct psychoacoustic experiments, develop music perception models, and design music processing algorithms. Please see our Research page to learn more about current projects and the Events page for past and upcoming activities.


  • [Mar 2021] New paper accepted for Frontiers in Psychology: "Tracking musical voices in JS Bach's The Art of the Fugue". We study musical scene analysis under realistic conditions using a new task that demonstrates the importance of timbral heterogeneity for hearing out individual voices from a mixture [even if as enginiously composed as by Bach]. 
  • [Oct 2020] New review article on timbre perception (in German) published in the Akustik Journal of the German Acoustical Society. Bonus material: Stefan Weinzierl's laudation for Kai Siedenburg as Lothar-Cremer-Awardee. 
  • [Sep 2020] Kai Siedenburg receives the 2020 Lothar-Cremer Award of the German Acoustical Society. The award ceremony including a lecture on timbre  will be part of the event Akustik verbindet September 25, 2020, accessible via live stream. 



  • Jan 2021: EU Research Results covers TIMPANI postdoc project by Kai Siedenburg.
  • Nov 2020: "Warum klingt Musik hart oder weich?" Kai Siedenburg interview partner for DIE SENDUNG MIT DER MAUS (ZUM HÖREN).
  • Nov 2019: NDR Info with a small radio feature of our research.
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