Dr. Kai Siedenburg

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Music Perception and Processing

We study how normal-hearing and hearing-impaired listeners make sense of musical sound. We consider music as a particularly exciting and challenging case of auditory perception and regard auditory perception as a critical determinant of musical culture. We conduct psychoacoustic experiments, develop auditory perception models, and design music audio processing algorithms. Please see our Research page to learn more about current projects and the Events page for past and upcoming activities.


[Jan 2023] Paper accepted in PLoS Computational Biology: ”A unitary model of auditory frequency change perception. Result of an inspiring collaboration with Daniel Pressnitzer (ENS Paris). We introduce a stimulus akin to 2d Shepard tones and develop a multi-cue model that unifies aspects of pitch and timbre perception. 

[Dec 2022] NEW PAPER ALERT: Anna Lena Knoll & Kai Siedenburg: ”The optimal mix? Presentation Order Affects Preference Ratings of Vocal Amplitude Levels in Popular Music” in Music & Science

[Dec 2022] TIMBRE2023 will take place in Thessaloniki, Greece! 

[November 2022] Thrilled to announce that Iris Mencke from the Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics will be an associated postdoctoral fellow with the Music Perception & Processing Lab starting in 2023. 

[October 2022] The MUSIC & HEARING HEALTH WORKSHOP took place @ University of Oldenburg, Oct 6-7, 2022. We had great exchange of research ideas, inspiring discussions, and lots of fun! Check out the workshop webpage for videos, posters, and impressions from the workshop. 

Interested in participating in one of our experiments? Click here to participate. 


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