Principal investigator

Dr. Kai Siedenburg

+49 (0)441 798-3579 



Aravindan Joseph Benjamin, PhD student

Music processing for hearing impaired listeners

Deborah Derks, BSc student in music, research assistant

Diana Mares, MSc Student in Neurocognitive Psychology

Elif Özgür, MSc Student in Neurocognitive Psychology

Dr. Iris Mencke, Associated Postdoctoral Fellow

Neural and Behavioral Correlates of Auditory Uncertainty

Maximilian Dechert, MSc student in Hearing technology & audiology

Modeling musical scene analysis

maximilian.dechert [...]

Michel Bürgel, PhD student

Auditory attention in popular music

Miriam Lichtenborg, BSc student in music

Music perception of hearing-impaired listeners 

Robin Hake, PhD student

Individual differences in musical scene analysis

Simon Jacobsen, PhD student 

Modeling musical instrument identification under realistic acoustical conditions




Karsten Gerdes, MA student in music

Lead-to-accompaniment ratio in popular music

Anna Lena Knoll, MSc student in Neurocognitive Psychology, Research assistant

Mixing preferences of normal- and hearing-impaired listeners

Merle Schlender, MSc student in Physics, Technology, and Medicine

Acoustical correlates of the voice superiority effect

Ninh Khang Nguyen, BSc student in Physics, Technology, and Medicine

Spatial release from masking in musical scene perception

Ghifar Aldebs, Student research assistant

BSc student in Composition

Paulina Gramatowksi, Student research assistant 

BSc student in Musicology and Spanish

Feline Malin Barg, BSc student in Physics, Technology, and Medicine (2021)

"Auditory adaptation of brightness perception using morphed impulse responses from hearables"

Johanna Rösch, Student research assistant 

MSc student in Neurocognitive Psychology

Till Tätzler, BSc in Mathematics (2020)

"A pitch estimation algorithm for guitar tuners"

(with Alexey Chernov)

Kirsten Goldmann, MSc in Audiology and Hearing Technology (2020)

"Einfluss von Hörverlust auf die Heraushörbarkeit von Instrumenten in polyphoner Musik" (with Steven van de Par)

Theda Eichler, student reseach assistant

MSc student in Audiology and Hearing Technology

Svea Steuer, MSc in Physics (2020)

"The voice processing advantage in timbre recognition: a response time analysis" 

(with Stefan Uppenkamp)

Josef Schröder, MSc in Hearing Technology and Audiology (2019)

"Evaluation des Einflusses linearer und kompressiver Hörgeräteverarbeitungen auf die musikalische Wahrnehmung und Szenenanalyse von Schwerhörigen" (with Volker Hohmann). Recipient of EUHA thesis price from European Union of Hearing Acousticians

Saskia Röttges, MSc in Hearing Technology and Audiology (2018)

"Einfluss raumakustischer Parameter auf Musikwahrnehmung bei Schwerhörigkeit"

(with Steven van de Par)

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