Experiments in summer semester

Basic Laboratory Course in Physics - Part II in summer semester

Participation in part II of the laboratory course requires successful completion of part I.

Faculty in SuSe 2019

Tutors in SuSe 2019

Title page and table of contents

Reminder: Notes on conducting experiments and preparing reports

Operational amplifier

Keywords: Ideal and real properties, positive and negative feedback, inverting and non-inverting amplifier, frequency characteristics, cutoff frequency, transition frequency, bandwidth, gain-bandwidth product, integrator, differentiator, impedance transformer, transimpedance amplifier, current to voltage transformer

Determination of Faraday's constant by electrolysis

Keywords: Elementary charge, molar quantity, valence, atomic mass, Faraday's laws, Faraday's constant, Avogadro's constant, anode, cathod, anion, cation, mass balance, corrosive phenomena

Distance and attenuation laws for beta- and gamma radiation

Keywords: Radioactive decay, law of decay, beta- and gamma radiation, Bremsstrahlung, interaction of beta- and gamma radiation with matter, photo- and compton effect, distance and attenuation law, linear attenuation coefficient, range of beta radiation, Geiger-Müller counter, scintillaton detector, radiation dose

Geometrical optics, optical images and aberrations

Keywords: Law of reflection and refraction, refractive index, lensmaker formula, optical images, imaging equations, determination of the focal length, Bessel's method, aperture and pupils, depth of sharpness, spherical and chromatic aberrations, magnifying lens, telescope, magnification of visual angle

Fraunhofer and Fresnel diffraction, interference

Keywords: Plane wave, spherical wave, amplitude, phase, intensity, Huygens' principle, diffraction, interference, far field, near field, Fraunhofer diffraction, Airy disk, resolution, Rayleigh criterion, Fresnel diffraction, Fresnel zone plate

Exercises in MATLAB

Diffraction by periodic structures, grating spectrometer

Keywords: Diffraction and interference, diffraction at single- and double slit, Youngs' interference patterns, gratings, grating constant, transmission grating, phase grating, reflection grating, Blaze grating, grating spectroscope, monochromator, CCD, CD, DVD

Measurement of magnetic fields

Keywords: Magnetic field, geomagnetic field, magnetic flux, magnetic induction, Biot-Savart law, Helmholtz coils, Maxwell coils, stationary and non stationary magnetic fields, torque in magnetic fields, induction coils

Frequency behavior of passive networks: low- an high-pass filter

Keywords: Four-pole ciquits, RC-elements, RC low-pass, RC high-pass, transfer function, amplitude transfer function, frequency characteristic, phase curve, phase characteristic, Bode diagram

Electromagnetic oscillating circuit

Keywords: Ideal and real LC- and RLC oscillators, series circuit, forced electromagnetic oscillations, eigenfrequency, damping, resonance behavior,  amplitude resonance curve, phase curve

Signal propagation on LC oscillator chains and coaxial cables

Keywords: LC oscillator chains, homogeneous lines, coaxial cable, signal transit time, delay elements, wave propagation and wave equation, impedance, signal reflections, dispersion

Polarization of Light

Keywords: Polarization states, linear, circular, and elliptical polarization, degree of polarization, Fresnel's equations, Brewster angle, natural optical activity, rotary power, Faraday effect, Verdet's constant

Michelson interferometer

Keywords: Plane wave, spherical wave, amplitude, phase, phase velocity, wavefront, phase front, refractive index, optical path, interference, piezoelectric effect, electrostriction, hysteresis, piezo translator

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