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Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
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Meike Hurling


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Open Positions

PhD Position: ‚Exploring and Tailoring Optical Excitations in Oxide Materials’

The ‚Scanning Probe Spectroscopy’ group at the Physics Department of Oldenburg University
announces a PhD position in experimental surface science. With 16.000 students in the natural, social
and cultural sciences and the school of medicine, the University of Oldenburg is one of the big centers
for academic education and research in northwest Germany. It combines an outstanding scientific
environment with the amenities of living in a medium-sized, yet lively and colorful city. The institute
of physics is known for its extensive activities in the field of energy research and our working group is
a proud member of this scientific community. Our scientific focus is located at the boundary of
physics and chemistry and deals with the fabrication and atomic scale characterization of novel
materials for photovoltaics and photochemistry. By utilizing high resolution microscopic and
spectroscopic techniques, we aim at exploring the interplay of atomic structure and electronic, optical,
and chemical functionality of oxide systems. New material properties are introduced by structural
confinement, insertion of dopants as well as defect and interface engineering. The oxide systems are
grown in an ultrahigh-vacuum environment, e.g. by physical vapor deposition, and are analyzed by
low-temperature scanning tunneling microscopy, laser spectroscopy, electron diffraction and X-ray
photoelectron spectroscopy.

Your tasks:

  • Preparation of novel compound materials based on copper oxides
  • Probing the structural properties of the oxide layers at atomic length scales
  • Exploring their local electronic and optical response and correlating it with the respective structural parameters
  • Designing and testing structural modifications in order to generate new functionalities,
    e.g. a desired optical response
  • Simulating the experimental behaviour with advanced theoretical approaches

Our offers:

  • become a member of an experienced and dynamic team of scientists and PhD students
  • be embedded in a large DFG-funded project on tailor-made oxide materials
  • benefit from flexible working times and working models
  • participate in an extensive training program
  • live in a green city with short ways, a vivid cultural life and a relaxed housing market

The position is available at your earliest convenience and runs for a minimum of three years. The starting salary amounts to TV-L E13 / 50 % (about 1500 €) and rises in the course of the project. The condition of employment is a master or diploma degree in physics, chemistry or engineering and passion and enthusiasm for experimental sciences.

The University of Oldenburg is committed to equal opportunities and diversity. Women are especially encouraged to apply and will be considered preferentially in accordance with the Equal Opportunities
Act of Lower Saxony. We also expressly welcome applications from people with disabilities / special
needs or of equal status.

Please send your application via email to .

(Changed: 19 Dec 2022)