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The collaborative research centre Hearing acoustics (coordinator: Prof. Dr. Volker Hohmann) at the University of Oldenburg - School of Medicine and Health sciences – Dept. of Medical Physics and Acoustics (see is seeking applicants for

doctoral fellowships (starting stipends)

The monthly funding is 1365€ plus child allowances (400€ for the first, and 100€ for any further child). The doctoral fellowship is typically granted for 6 months to support the startup phase of a respective PhD project. This will allow the successful applicants to start independently into a later-to-be-defined PhD project connected to the collaborative research centre (CRC). For PhD students within the CRC the stipends offer the possibility for further personal qualification via a practical placement or a research stay abroad.

The common goal of the different research projects in the CRC is to quantitatively characterize the benefit of hearing devices in real-life environments considering complex auditory scenes and audio-visual as well as user-device interactions. Another key element is the transfer of the obtained insights into applications and future hearing devices. The CRC and the Department of Medical Physics and Acoustics provide an attractive research environment within international teams and most advanced research facilities. Both the Graduate Academy of the University of Oldenburg, the graduate school OLTECH, and the joint research academy of the Cluster of Excellence Hearing4All provide additional training units and their general support for students during their PhD.

We are looking for candidates with an academic master degree (or equivalent) in acoustics, physics, bio-medical or electrical engineering, hearing research, technical audiology or related disciplines.

To increase the proportion of women in science, equally qualified female candidates will be given preference. Applicants with disabilities will be preferentially considered in case of equal qualification.

New stipends are periodically granted by the CRC board. Interested candidates should send an application, a CV and copies of their university diplomas to:

Prof. Dr. Dr. Birger Kollmeier
E-Mail: birozuwrgecar.koll3imeier(at)m4zmuol.eh1zde (bi/olrgerlfcx.ko3illmeiertk@us0olk3i.devk) mit cc an manyzsfred.limauerj8rromann(adcit)uoutzwl.debyv (manp8frednpyn.mxmauermanncnih@uyeyxgol.deh/vr).

Sonderforschungsbereich 1330 Hörakustik
Universität Oldenburg, D - 26111 Oldenburg
Tel. (+49) 441 798 5470

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