About us

Here you can see some of our members:

Lisa, Daniela, Eva, Jana, Oda and Freddy

Missing: Dhanashree, Evgeniia and Vivien

Who are we?

We are the student body of the Neuroscience program in Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg. We are Master student representatives but not only in different committees of the University. We advocate the whole program based on our representation in the department of neuroscience, the shared committee of the faculty for mathematics and natural science and the faculty of medical and health science, as well as the examination and admissions committee of the neuroscience program. We give students a voice and support their demands and opinions always tailoring the program. Having a plausible, professional and scientific program for Master students is our main priority and we are making progress by monitoring the program's state and improving it as it goes.

What are we doing?

Right now, we are working on following projects:

  • Orientation Week: The aim is to faciliate the start of new Neuroscience Master students at University of Oldenburg. We will do our best to make you feel settled and organised before university starts. The week will take  place one week before the new semester starts. Further information can be found here.
  • Curriculum: We incorporate feedback and revise the temporal structure and content of modules in the Neuroscience program. We can help designing your individual curriculum or give information about the modules from a student's perspective. The current study plan and the handbook of modules can be found here.
  • Events: We organise and inform about workshops, spring/summer or winter schools, career planning events and scientific talks in the field of Neuroscience around the globe. This project group aims to keep students on the path of fulfilling their future. Detailed information about dates and events can be found here.
  • Colaborations: We provide connections and strong relationships to other student bodies, departments and institutions. Building a network as a base of a student's life will faciliate your time at the University of Oldenburg in many situations. It can broaden your opportunities to work with other laboratories and programs. All other student bodies can be found here.

Participation in the Student Body

You want to be part of the student body or share some ideas with us? We always welcome new members or your suggestions about the program. Join us at our weekly meetings on thursday at 6pm! Send us an e-mail to: 

Note to Students

We are here to help you flourish in your career. If you are facing any issues, problems or difficulties in the program, regarding the program material or tutors, do not hesitate to contact us.

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