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The AI@Smile project addresses the increasing mental health issues among teenagers in Europe. It aims to harness the potential of artificial intelligence to preserve the mental health of teenagers and counteract the rising suicide rate in this age group. The involvement of teachers and guardians is a crucial aspect of this initiative.

The university undertakes this critical project in collaboration with several partner organizations from across Europe. These organizations include a mix of research and educational institutions located in Spain, Greece, Serbia, Hungary, and Turkey.

Within the project, three core outputs are to be developed:


As both Artificial Intelligence and mental health issues in teenagers are sensitive topics from an ethical perspective, the project initiates various research activities on ethics as its first step. This involves determining the current state of research and establishing guidelines for the use of AI in the fields of education and mental health. The results of these activities will be compiled and published in an Ethics Dossier, serving as the ethical foundation for subsequent project activities.

Digital Learning Platform

Another output of the project will be the creation of a secure digital learning space. The resulting platform is intended to provide the target audience with relevant training materials, awareness resources, video tutorials, MOOCs, and an innovative gaming app that imparts knowledge in an engaging manner.

AI Chatbot

Finally, as part of AI@Smile, a chatbot will be developed to support the early detection of psychological problems. It is crucial to emphasize that the chatbot is designed only to assist in recognizing signs and symptoms, without making diagnoses or implementing therapeutic measures. The central focus in developing this chatbot is on safeguarding the privacy of teenagers and protecting the collected data to create a safe and supportive environment, aiming to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health.

Project Duration

01.09.2023 – 31.08.2026


  • Basque International Research Association (Spanien)
  • Universtidad de Alicante (Spanien)
  • Bundesvereinigung Nachhaltigkeit e.V. (Deutschland)
  • IES Doctor Balmis (Spanien)
  • IDEC (Griechenland)
  • Univerzitet u Novum Sadu (Serbien)
  • Samsun Anadolu Lisesi (Türkei)
  • Váci SZC Selye János Egészségügyi Technikum (Ungarn)
  • Gimnazija Smart (Serbien)
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