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BLING - Blockchain in Government

Blockchain technologies play a key role in Europe's digital agenda by providing innovative services. Blockchain-enabled systems provide better solutions in terms of transparency, trust and data sharing between public administration, citizens and businesses. This is achieved through a digital layer that algorithmically establish trust between these actors.

BLING is supported with substantial investments by the EU, national administrations, businesses, SMEs and further players in order to become one of the first platforms to integrate Blockchain-based tools and approaches into regional and local public services. The project brings together public authorities, academic institutions and small and medium-sized enterprises that cooperate in order to develop and provide public services through Blockchain implementations.

Its focus is on identity, direct democracy and customer service. BLING is not only a technology driven project. It is more importantly about accelerating the process of launching, exploring, activating, as well as deploying Blockchain solutions through the North Sea region. In this way, its goal is to create and deliver new kinds of innovative services to the next generations, to the citizens, to the industry and to the public administration.

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