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ECOSense - Collection and analysis of cycling data to support infrastructure optimization

The promotion of cycling is particularly important in the context of increasing traffic volume and environmental problems in inner cities. In order to improve conditions for cycling and to upgrade infrastructures as bike lanes or bicycle parking, appropriate data is needed. However, previous data-centric approaches in the field of cycling have so far mainly based on smartphone applications. The existing database is focusing primarily on leisure traffic and provides only little insights to the usage of bicycles in everyday life.

The main goal of ECOSense is the development and implementation of a sensor platform which is gathering various cycling data about position, speed, vibration or environmental conditions when using bicycles on daily trips. The newly gathered and further edited bicycle data will leading to improved information about cyclists’ behaviour. The implementation of the measurement technology enables decision-makers of municipalities or city planning to learn more about specific needs of cyclists and will contribute to the improvement of bicycle infrastructures correspondingly.

The sensor technology will be implemented in the context of bicycle-friendly companies and municipalities. Several hundreds of bicycles will be equipped with the new developed measuring equipment during the period of data collection. The prototypically generated and completely anonymized data basis of the bicycle sensor system will be refined with additional data sources and will be evaluated with regard to the usage of bicycle infrastructures, traffic safety and environmental aspects. At the same time concepts for the integration of the sensor technology into future data-based business models in the field of cycling will be developed.

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