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instaride - Development of an innovative ride-hailing solution

instaride counts on the potential of everyday rides, that happen anyway – e.g. to your workplace or to your university. These rides pass by numerous destinations for which there are potentially fellow passengers. Among available solutions on the market in the area of ride-hailing, the higher planning effort only pays off for longer journeys. With the help of instant-matching by instaride, sharing and travelling together on intermediate and short distances becomes attractive.

We connect commuters and fellow passengers intelligently, safely and instantly, reduce their costs and decrease the amount of traffic. A comfortable way to diminish CO2-emissions and make a contribution to the protection of our environment.

The research cooperation between Granny&Smith, the Interdisciplinary Center for Law in the Information Society (ZRI) and the Department of Business Informatics / VLBA offers the chance for practical research. The joint project is funded with ERDF-resources (EU) and supported by the municipality of Oldenburg. Such research activities can also be combined with academic theses.

Research approaches:  

  • Development of an innovative ride-hailing solution
  • Deployment and advancement of established software solutions / software artefacts
  • Analysis of existing blockchain solutions and choice
  • Development and implementation of a matching algorithm
  • Advancement of the matching algorithm to a self-learning algorithm

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