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Regional Car-Balancing (ReCaB)


Mobility is one of the main turning points of modern society and basis for the industrial evolution of our economic system. Automobiles stand in the center of this development and, therefore, play a decisive role for the self-conception and -perception of western-oriented individuals. Over the past few years especially the younger generation has run through a significant change of perception. Whereas automobiles usually represented a typical status symbol, the number of individuals perceiving it as an everyday object grows continuously. Posession of an automobile has taken a back seat and mobility services such as car-sharing, -pooling or multimodal concepts, i.e. the integrated use of different means of transport, play an increasing role.

In this development car dealers as provider of mobility can play a decisive role. Due to their high availability (especially in provincial and rural areas), their competences as well as their existing services, car dealers are ideal contact points and experts for the outlined concept of mobility services. In addition the decreasing numbers of automobiles sold, forces car dealers to develop new business concepts.

Realizing the outlined concept in car dealing companies raises some important questions:

  • What could mobility services look like?
  • How high is the demand of services likes these in provincial and rural areas?
  • Which changes and adjustments will be necessary for car dealers? Which processes and
    IT-support will be necessary?
  • How could supply meet demand (e.g. IT-platform)?
  • Which economic and technical opportunities and challenges arise?

The EFRE-funded project ReCaB contributes to these questions. Within half a year the demand as well as the economic and technical feasibility is to be figured out and potentials, challenges and designs of car-sharing-concepts in car dealing companies are to be identified. An essential practical project partner of the project is the car dealing company VW Braasch which is included exemplarily in the project.


  • Braasch mobil GmbEH (i. G.); Braasch Volkswagen u. Audi Zentrum Oldenburg
  • ecco ecology + communiction Unternehmensberatung GmbH
  • Stadt Oldenburg, local mobility management



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