Maik Winges


Prof. Dr Bernd Siebenhüner


Secretariat: Birgit Schelenz

+49 441 798-4384

Maik Winges

Research interests

  • (Multi-level) Governance for Climate Adaptation
  • Spatial planning as an actor in climate adaptation
  • Distributional impacts of climate change, mitigation and adaptation measures
  • International climate policy


  • Instruments of corporate environmental management
  • Development Studies
  • Practical Projects in Sustainability Economics and Management

Curriculum vitae

Maik Winges (*1985)

Mar. 2013-June 2013 DAAD-funded research stay as part of the Clim-A-Net project at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Port Elizabeth (South Africa)
Since February 2009 Research assistant in the project Northwest 2050: Perspectives for Climate-Adapted Innovation Processes in the Metropolitan Region Bremen-Oldenburg in the Northwest
January 2009

Graduate of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena

Oct. 2006-March 2007; Oct. 2007-May 2008

Tutor/ Student Assistant at the Institute of Political Science, Friedrich Schiller University Jena

Feb. 2007-Jun. 2007

Collaborator at the Collaborative Research Centre 580, Project "Parliamentary Leadership Groups
Feb. 2006-Aug. 2006

Semester abroad at the Univerzita Mateja Bela, Banská Bystrica, Slovakia

October 2003 Start of Master's studies in Political Science (major), Economics and Modern History (minor) at the Friedrich-Schiller University Jena


  • Winges, M. (2015). Climate adaptation capacity of regional planning. An assessment approach for political-administrative systems (=Ecology and Economic Research Vol. 98). Marburg: Metropolis
  • Grecksch, K., Winges, M . (2015). Innovation Path Regional Spatial Planning and Development. In: Gleich, A. v., Siebenhüner, B. (eds .) In: Regional Climate Adaptation in Coastal Areas. Weimar bei Marburg: Metropolis, 241-256.
  • Grecksch, K., Winges, M., Garrelts, H., Grothmann, T., Flitner, M., Siebenhüner, B. (2015). Regional governance for climate change adaptation. In: Gleich, A. v., Siebenhüner, B. (eds.). Regional Climate Adaptation in Coastal Areas. Marburg: Metropolis, 213-240.
  • Winges, M., Grecksch, K., Grothmann, T., Siebenhüner, B. (2014). The adaptive capacity of spatial and regional planning in the Bremen - Oldenburg metropolitan region. In: Knieling, J., Roßnagel, A. (Eds.). Governance of Climate Adaptation. Actors, organisation and instruments for city and region. Munich: Oekom, pp. 195-212.
  • Grothmann, T., Grecksch, K., Winges, M., & Siebenhüner, B. (2013). Assessing Institutional Capacities to Adapt to Climate Change. Integrating Psychological Dimensions in the Adaptive Capacity Wheel. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences Discussions, 1, pp. 793-828.
  • Massey, E., Huitema, D., Mees, H., Termeer, K., Storbjörk, S., Garrelts, H., Grecksch, K., Winges, M., & Rayner, T. (2014). Handling adaptation policy choices in Sweden, Germany, the UK and the Netherlands. Journal of Water and Climate Change.
  • Winges, M. (2013). Results of sensitivity analysis for spatial and regional planning. In: Garrelts, H., Grothmann, T., Grecksch, K., Winges, M., Siebenhüner, B., Flitner, M. (Eds.). Vulnerability and Climate Adaptation. Challenges of Adaptive Governance in the Northwest. Bremen/Oldenburg: Projektkonsortium 'nordwest2050 (forthcoming).
  • Grecksch, K., Winges, M. (2012). Adaptation and sustainability. Synonym, antonym or something in between? In: Ökologisches Wirtschaften 3/2012, p.10.
  • Winges, M., Garrelts, H., Meincke, A., Grothmann, T., Grecksch, K., Flitner, M., Siebenhüner, B. (2011). Governance framework scenarios for the northwest region. Documentation of the northwest2050 workshop. Bremen/Oldenburg: nordwest2050 project consortium.
  • Winges, M., Siebenhüner, B. (2010). Resilience learning. In: Fichter, K., von Gleich, A., Pfriem, R., Siebenhüner B. (eds.). Theoretical Foundations for Successful Climate Adaptation. Bremen/Oldenburg: Projektkonsortium nordwest2050, pp. 191-209.
  • Winges, M. (2010). Making the regional economy fit for the future. In: Ökologisches Wirtschaften 4/2010, p.19-20.

Scientific presentations (with review process)

  • Resilience? - Communicating the Concept to Stakeholders and the Public. International Workshop 'Resilience - Just do it?! 9-10 October 2014, Groningen (together with Kevin Grecksch).
  • Adaptive Capacity of Spatial Planning in the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality. International Conference on Regional climate Adaptation and Resilience. 24 - 25 February 2014, Bremen
  • Assessing Policy Innovations. Governance of Adaptation in the field of Spatial Planning and Water. Earth System Governance Tokyo Conference. 28 - 31 January 2013, Tokyo.
  • Adaptive capacity and multi-loop learning. The case of spatial planning in northwestern Germany. International Conference of the International Society of Ecological Economics. 16 - 19 June 2012, Rio de Janeiro.
  • Explorative framework scenarios governance for the metropolitan region Bremen-Oldenburg. Workshop on Social Science Climate Adaptation Research. 30 November 2011, Dresden.
  • Adaptive Capacity of Regional Planning Systems in Coastal Areas. International conference of the European Society for Ecological Economics. 14 - 17 June 2011, Istanbul.
  • Resilience Learning and Regional Planning in Coastal Areas. International Conference of the International Society of Ecological Economics. 22 - 25 August 2012, Oldenburg.
  • Resilience and Social Learning. Amsterdam Conference on the Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change. 2 - 4 December 2009, Amsterdam.
  • Resilience, Social Learning and Networks. 4th Lüneburg Workshop on Environmental and SustainabilityCommunication. Communication and Learning in Networks. 28 - 29 September 2009.
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