Application Overview

For students and faculty presenters:

  1. Submit your research abstract by 16 October 2018 (students) or 1 February 2019 (faculty and coordinators)
  2. Get your Abstract Decision Notification from our reviewers in December 2018 (for students) or your Confirmation Letter in February 2019 (for faculty and coordinators)
  3. If accepted:
    1. Student presenters: Update your submission (if applicable): Go to Abstract Portal »
    2. All presenters: Register for the congress by 1 March 2019 (presenter's deadline) to confirm your submission and gain access to the didactical program and networking opportunities. Please note that student and faculty presenters are required to pay a reasonable "congress fee" for full admission to the “within-congress” social program. Go to Registration Portal »
  4. Prepare for your travel (visa, tickets) and accommodation
  5. Present your research at the 2nd World Congress for Undergraduate Research in May 2019

Please read the following two sections for more detailed information.

For guests and visitors:

  1. Wait for the free registration slots advertised in March available to everybody.
  2. Try to register as early as possible since the free registration slots are limited and - due to the high demand - are expected to be sold out soon after being advertised.

Abstract Submission

The World CUR 2019 promotes undergraduate research in all disciplines: Natural, physical, and social sciences, arts, humanities, and the professional, health, and technical fields are all welcome!

When submitting your abstract please consider the following:

1. Think global: We would like to encourage you to think of your research findings in global terms even though your research focus may have centered on issues of local dimensions or concerns. We would like you to highlight, as much as you can, how your research results may have a wider reach, how they may concern a wider audience far away from your own geographical area, or how they may affect other parts of the world. In short, we would like to encourage you to reflect on how your findings may impact humanity or how they may possibly connect to universal values.

2. Choose your theme: You will be asked to indicate the theme that aligns with your research when submitting. You can find more information on the six themes and illustrative examples within our thematic descriptions: » Research Themes. If your supervisor and you have concerns regarding the decision which theme fits best, you may check the box "ask reviewers for a thematic recommendation". In some special cases, it will also be possible to align with more than one theme: If you think that your research contributes substantially to several themes, please explain to us why you think so in the comment section of your submission (you will still need to choose one main theme though).

3. Choose your format: You may select to exhibit your work in a poster session or at an oral presentation session. Oral presentation sessions are groups of 20-minute presentations followed by a short question-and-answer period. Poster presentation sessions will be larger sessions where presenters will explain their work to congress participants visiting the poster, thus allowing for free exchange of information, and questions raised to poster presenters.

4. Check your English: Please be aware that abstracts must be in proper English to be accepted. For non-native speakers, we recommend seeking additional English expertise within your discipline and university, and having the abstract proofread at least once!

5. Check your visa status and travel expenses: Nothing would be more disappointing than having to cancel participation due to visa or financial issues after successfully completing the review process. It would not only be you, but us too, who would be very sad about that! Thus, please check your visa status and your travel expenses in advance.

  • Our guide to help you with the visa process: » Visa info.
  • Visit our » FAQ for details on expected travel expenses and in case you seek financial support for your participation.

6. Submit early: In order to submit your abstract you need to register at the World CUR Abstract Portal and agree to the terms and conditions. Your abstract will be reviewed and if accepted, you will be invited to attend the World CUR 2019. As space is limited for entries to the Congress we encourage interested applicants to submit their abstracts no later than the target date, i.e. 16 October 2018. In the event that there are many more qualified applications than presentation slots, the planning committee may use order of abstract submittal as one factor in selecting presenters.

Registration details - for Student and Faculty Presenters only

After abstract submission and receipt of a positive review:

1. Register before 1 March: If you have received a positive Abstract Decision Notification, visit the World CUR Registration Portal and register officially for the World CUR 2019. Go to Registration Portal »

2. Complete your registration promptly: To finally confirm and add your presentation to the congress's program, you need to complete your registration. This applies to all student presenters including participants of the Travel Support Program as well as faculty members and coordinators participating in the Faculty & Coordinator Program. You have also the option to choose your favorite Social Program tours.

Documentation, daily lunch, and coffee breaks are free.

Congress fees for students and faculty presenters include admission to the within-congress social program.

  • Student presenter (reduced): 110 €      
  • Student presenter (normal): 130 €
  • Faculty/Coordinator presenter (reduced): 180 €
  • Faculty/Coordinator presenter (normal): 200 €

Reduced prices apply for institutions that are members of the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) and for all German institutions and universities.

Day Tours, Social Program Before and After the Congress: 20 € per day. This applies for:

  • “Old Cities in Northwest Germany or the Netherlands” (Tours BFR 1-3) – Wednesday, 22 May
  • “Harbors, Islands and Nature in Northwest Germany” (Tours AFT 1-2) Sunday, 26 May

Please note that participants of the Travel Support Program need to register and confirm their attendance as well.

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3. Prepare your travel:

  • If you need a visa, apply for it as soon as you receive your notification! » Visa info
  • Decide how you want to travel and book your tickets. » Travel info
  • If you have special needs, please inform the World CUR Team as soon as possible by sending an email to . Please also read our FAQ on ACCESSIBILITY and SPECIAL NEEDS. We will try to prepare and support your attendance wherever possible!

4. Prepare your accommodation: Book your hotel by the 23rd of March 2019 via our reserved contingents or search for an accommodation via Couchsurfing or apply for our » Beds for Brains program in which you can stay with a volunteering student or faculty member from Oldenburg University.

5. Prepare your presentation: We like to encourage you to work on your presentation concept conscientiously. In the case you present a poster, you will need to follow our » Poster Guidelines [please check back in March for the link].

6. Enjoy an upcoming World CUR 2019

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