Research presentation and workshop formats

The World CUR 2019 offers three different formats for presentations and networking: Oral Sessions (OS), Poster Sessions (PS), and Thematic Sessions (TS).


Each oral session will last 90 minutes and consist of three thematically associated presentations. A 15-minute general discussion at the end will sum up the session and interconnect the presented research and its implications.

  • Presenters: Each presenter will have 20 minutes in total – including 15 minutes for presenting and 5 minutes for a discussion. Each presentation room will provide a computer with MS Windows, MS PowerPoint, a sound system, and internet access. After each presentation, there will be a short break to allow for room changes. The next presentation will start after 25 minutes.
  • Chair: A member from the Student Committee will chair the session and moderate the 5-minute discussions following each presentation.
  • Discussant: The 15-minute general discussion held at the session’s end will be moderated by a faculty member with expertise in the given session’s topic. The discussant will also identify central themes; keywords and questions; and summarize the complete session in a one-page "session report" for the congress's publication.
  • What you need to do:
    1. Create a slideshow for your presentation and consider our “Checklist for Slideshow Presentations” and the recommended online resources listed below.
    2. Please test and make sure that you stay within your 15-minute presentation time! This is very important and may be one of the biggest challenges when doing oral presentations.
    3. If you would like to use an alternative presentation program (instead of MS PowerPoint), additional media, or tools, please send a request to (subject: “Alternative presentation program”) beforehand and wait until we verify the availability of the requested.
    4. Name your slideshow file “[Research Theme]_Oral_Session_[number]_[Your first name].” Example: Create_Oral_Session_3_Robin.pptx. Find your exact session details in the Congress Booklet.
    5. Copy your final slideshow on a USB flash drive and bring it with you.
    6. Go to your oral session room at least 15 minutes before the session starts (!) and hand the USB flash drive to the session chair. The chair will copy your slideshow on the computer.
    7. To be on the safe side, make sure to have an additional copy of your slideshow in the PDF format to ensure that it can be played on all computers.


Each poster session will last for 60 minutes and include up to 40 presenters explaining their work to congress participants visiting the posters. Poster sessions allow for a free exchange of information, and questions raised to poster presenters.

  • Room: All poster sessions will be held in “Hörsaal 3.”
  • Grouping: Posters will be spatially arranged according to the research themes and each poster will be flagged with a theme symbol.
  • What you need to do:
    1. Create your poster with a maximum size of A0 (i.e., 841 x 1189 mm = 33.1 x 46.8 in) and consider the recommended online resources listed below.
    2. Horizontal and vertical poster formats are both accepted.
    3. Print service: If you are traveling overseas, you can send your poster as a PDF with embedded writings by May 7th (!) to (subject: “Poster print service”) in order to use our print service.
    4. Hang your poster before the poster session starts. You will find your pin board in “Hörsaal 3” within the area labeled for your research theme and with a note showing your name. Pins will be available in each area. If you used our print service, your poster will be hung by the organizing team in your research theme area.

Materials and online resources for poster presentations:

New York University Libraries: "How to Create a Research Poster" (online resource)

University of Alabama: "Making Posters with PowerPoint" (online resource)


The World CUR's Thematic Sessions are one of the congress’ highlights because they are directed at the student presenters only and represent a great opportunity to build your peer network. All sessions will be arranged around the six research themes and be hosted as well as facilitated by university teachers.

Since the Thematic Sessions are workshops for networking and exchange of research ideas, they are foremost a sandbox for your passion, openness and curiosity. At the same time they are a great chance to find partners with similar research topics and interests - maybe for your master thesis or a student exchange. They can be your chance to develop research questions across disciplines and to discuss global challenges with motivated future scientists from various countries. And last but not least, the Thematic Sessions will be an opportunity to reflect on methods, ethics and on how to do research and communicate science in times of “fake news” and the “Fridays for Future” movement for climate action.

How does it work?

  • During the Thematic Sessions you will form different small working groups discussing, sharing and assessing your group’s joint state of knowledge as well as some of the challenges of the 21st century. The statements and ideas for future research that you develop will be posted on Twitter with the hashtag #WorldCURNetwork and discussed in the congress’ closing ceremony.

Where can I sign up?

  • As a presenter you are signed up automatically, so you just need to bring your ideas to the right place: Thematic Sessions will be held on Friday afternoon, 24 May from 2.45 pm to 5.45 pm. The groups and rooms will be announced during the opening ceremony and be available at the registration desk.


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