Faculty & Coordinator Program

Participation Options for Supervisors, Coordinators and Administrators

You would like to accompany one or more undergraduate researchers to the 2nd World Congress on Undergraduate Research in Oldenburg?

Supervisors, coordinators and undergraduate research administrators may apply for attendance. Due to organizational limitations, we can only reserve up to 75 registration slots for accompanying faculty and will likely need to have a selection process for faculty attendees (this is independent of any extra registration slots advertised in March available to everybody). For your attendance, we offer three different and combinable options allowing you to contribute in a unique way to the 2nd World Congress on Undergraduate Research (please see “Faculty Options” below).

Faculty & Coordinator Program (“Faculty Options”)

Be a Discussant: As an expert in a given session’s topic, you prepare and moderate a 15 minutes general discussion for one or several oral sessions during the congress. You will have the chance to prepare the central theme and study as well as support students’ presentations before the congress. During your sessions your task is to document and identify central themes, keywords and questions, with which you hopefully live feed the congress’ e-tools (e.g., social media channels) and which are also base for your general discussion. Your second task is to summarize the session and write a one page "session report" per session for the congress' publication (in a special issue of our open access e-journal). Discussants will most likely be appointed to several sessions during congress. For being a discussant a full participation (23 - 25 May) is preferred. Note: An "oral session" lasts 90 minutes and consists of three thematically associated presentations. A student from the Student Committee will chair the session and moderate.

Present a Poster: Present the undergraduate research program(s) of your institution or state, communicate experiences, evaluations and accompanying research. Poster presentation will take place at 25 May.

Represent your Institution at the Master Fair: Present an information table at the congress’ Master and Graduate Programs Fair. Our attendees will be highly interested in master’s and other graduate programs (in English language) as well as in exchange programs of your university. The Master Fair will take place at 24 May.

Apply for the Faculty & Coordinator Program

Please use the application form below. You can apply for one or several options.

  • To apply for the faculty options, you need to refer to the faculty Congress PIN forwarded to you and your student with the official invitation. Please note that the code can be used by several applications connected to the research project (e.g., first supervisor, second supervisor, coordinator etc.).
  • Decisions will be made as “rolling acceptances” starting in January. Final deadline for faculty applications will be 1 February 2019.
  • Please download the application form befor editing and check if your data was correctly saved when sending the PDF to .
  • In case you are accepted to the Faculty Program, you can request an official invitation letter to help with travel grants and visa processes. Please read here how to request an invitation letter after being accepted.
  • Attendees of the Faculty & Coordinator Program need to register until 1 March (registration deadline for presenters). Go to Registration Portal »

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