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By Airplane

The following airports are recommended as destinations near Oldenburg (Oldb).

  • Bremen Airport (BRE) – 50 km to Oldb, about 1 hour by train (MAP)
  • Hamburg Airport (HAM) – 180 km to Oldb, about 2 hours by train (MAP)
  • Hannover Airport (HAJ) – 150 km to Oldb, about 2.5 hours by train (MAP)
  • Berlin Tegel Airport (TXL) – 430 km to Oldb, about 4 hours by train (MAP)
  • Berlin Schönefeld Airport (SXF) – 440 km to Oldb, about 4.5 hours by train (MAP)
  • Frankfurt Airport (FRA) – 435 km to Oldb, about 5.5 hours by train (MAP)

By Train

Visit the Deutsche Bahn (DB) Website for timetables and train tickets.

  • The right destination: The main station in Oldenburg is "Oldenburg (Oldb)", while “Oldenburg (Holst)is a different city!
  • Ticket offers: Use the "Saver fare finder"-option at the DB website in order to search for cheap tickets.
  • International train tickets (EU): Switch to train stations in other European countries by clicking on "Point of departure or destinations outside of Germany". The offers are normally not more than five months ahead so you might need to wait until January 2019 until EU tickets are displayed.
  • WiFi at German trains: If you travel with an ICE train (= fast "intercity express") you normally have free WiFi access during your trip. The RE trains (= slow "regional" trains) are planing to offer the same WiFi service soon but have not implemented it yet. Do not expect any WiFi at IC trains (= "intercity").


Hotels and Hostels

Notes on prices and services

  • Single room (SR): about 70 to 90 € per night [Currency Converter]
  • Double room (DR): about 90 to 115 € per night

The following hotels have joined our congress contingent

Hotels in the city center are marked with an *; the others are in reasonable distance and provide easy connection to public transport. There are no hotels directly next to the campus/venue, but the center is very well connected with the campus.

In addition, you can also take a look at the Youth Hostel Oldenburg (Oldb.) - show distance to the venue. For more info, please contact "Oldenburg Tourism and Marketing" by writing an email to (dont forget to mention the number of people and desired length of stay).

How to compare prices and book a hotel from our contingent:

You can compare prices and reserve rooms from our contingent using the PDF "World CUR 2019 Hotel Booking Form" (please download to edit the PDF).

The hotels in our contingent offer special prices with breakfast included and don't ask for advanced payment. Note: Please use the provided form, otherwise services and room availability may differ!

Beds for Brains Program

The Beds for Brains program is open to every attendee of the World CUR 2019. Students and faculty members of the Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg will offer free accommodation during the congress. Learn more here »


Follow our step-by-step visa guide to prepare for the World CUR 2019.

1. Do you need a visa for the World CUR 2019?

Please check first, whether you need a visa for entry into the Federal Republic of Germany or not:

If your country is listed "yes", please continue with step 2.

2. What kind of visa do you need?

You simply need a “Tourist & Visitor Visa”, which...

  • valid up to 90 days and costs 60 €.
  • also called "short stay visa" or "Schengen visa" since you can travel all 26 European states that are part of the "Schengen agreement" (see Schengen Map). You can use the opportunity and go for a travel tour through Europe after presenting your research at the World CUR 2019!

3. How to get the visa?

Please read and follow the official instructions on this page carefully:

You must submit your visa application in person at the German mission / embassy responsible for your place of residence. So don't forget to consult the website of your respective German mission / embassy for specific instructions.

4. When to apply for the visa?

We recommend that you apply as soon as you get a positive "Abstract Decision Notification" from our reviewers. We will start sending out notifications in December 2018.

  • If possible, prepare the necessary paperwork before.
  • You should at least apply 3 weeks before your travel date to meet any processing delays!

What to do, if you feel overwhelmed by the requirements?

If you now got the feeling "OMG, that's a lot of paperwork and legal stuff!", that is totally understandable (we have been there too)!

But when starting to prepare, you will hopefully find out that it is less complicated than expected to apply for your visa. All necessary information is here. You can do it.

And please keep in mind: You are building a valuable starting point for your future travelling - the next visa application will be way easier then - and your career.

We believe, it's totally worth it and hope to meet you in Oldenburg in May 2019 !


The information on this website is for your guidance only.

All statements without guarantee.

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