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AMiR offers courses in four different areas: microrobotics and microsystem technology (micromechanics, actuators, sensors, systems), microhandling and automation, neural networks and fuzzy logic in robotics and automation as well as control engineering. These courses cover current topics important for a future-oriented study as a bridge between computer science and engineering technology.

Abschlußarbeiten / Student theses

Wir freuen uns auf kreative Studierende auch aus den Bereichen Informatik, Engineering Physics und Elektrotechnik!  We are looking forward to creative students from the fields of computer science, engineering physics and electrical engineering! Alle aktuellen Themen, die wir anbieten, finden Sie in Stud.IP. You will find all current topics we offer under Stud.IP.

►"Abschlussarbeiten" ► Fakultätsbereich "Department für Informatik" ► Fachrichtung "Mikrorobotik und Regelungstechnik".

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