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System services for reliable electricity grids in 2050

Lead project SiNED of the Energy Research Centre of Lower Saxony EFZN

The ongoing energy turnaround is increasingly presenting the German electricity grid with challenges. Renewable energies will cover the growing energy demand in the future. Today, the electricity grid still depends on system services from conventional large-scale power plants for safe operation. In the lead project "System services for more secure power grids in times of progressive energy system transformation and digital transformation" (SiNED), scientists from the Energy Research Centre of Lower Saxony (EFZN) are conducting research with the aim of further developing existing system services and adapting them to the changing requirements and possibilities. The interdisciplinary project is carried out at the four EFZN research locations Braunschweig, Clausthal, Hannover and Oldenburg, which are working in a multidisciplinary and deeply interlinked manner on a sustainable power grid. The project is thematically divided into three areas of competence, which have interfaces with each other and are each being worked on by several project partners. In the competence area "Electrical Power Engineering" the focus is on the changed provision of system services in the course of the energy turnaround.

The competence area "Digital Transformation / Information and Communication Technology (ICT)" is developing the necessary secure communication approaches to ensure that this provision runs smoothly in future. The project is rounded off by the competence area "Economic and Energy Law Issues", which deals with the economic optimisation potentials in the provision of system services and investigates which (data protection) legal restrictions must be observed and which adjustments of the regulatory framework are necessary.


In SiNED, the group Digitalized Energy Systems from University Oldenburg works on the design of a manipulation-proof IT-based system for the decentralized provision and billing of system services. Therefore, an agent system is designed to contract flexibility of distributed energy resources. It is evaluated with a game theoretical approach to understand possible fraudulent behaviour. Based on the findings, a reliable transaction system for fully automated activation and billing processes is developed. In a later project phase, incentive schemes for non-fraudulent behaviour are examined and a transfer of the collected findings is planned to design a fully automated and integrated system to control the distributed agents.

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