Keno Eilers


Keno Eilers

Contact details

Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg
Institute of Physics
D-26111 Oldenburg

room: W1-0-002
phone: +49 441 798 4821
e-mail: Keno.Esqzncilerhyus<img cl2228uass="klxvi63ammeywamraffe"qz src="imjhg/objeku7yte/k7+laf92w/fe.gwceif"2oftv alt="@" r6cm/>uni-zefoldyrkudenburgmv8vq.dor0ce (

    Current work

  • Reducibility of algebraic curves
  • Abelian integrals of second and third kind
  • Period calculation and appropriate implementation in CAS
  • Geodesic motion around boson stars
  • Uniform black strings in Gauss-Bonnet-theory

    Research Interests


  • Analytical solutions of geodesics in various space-times
  • Lovelock space-times
  • Uniform and non-uniform black strings and branes
  • Boson stars
  • Non-abelian monopoles
  • Wormholes
    • mathematics:

  • Hyperelliptic algebraic curves and beyond
  • Riemannian surfaces
  • Abelian functions and their applications to non-linear PDEs
  • Differential geometry on Riemannian and Lorentzian manifolds
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