Scientific qualification work

Scientific qualification work

Major research papers in LFC, master's and bachelor's theses.

LFC – Major research papers, medical science internships 

We would love to hear from you if you are interested in epidemiology or biometrics! A variety of topics are available at any time for large research papers and internships in Year 2/3.  We are not currently making any offers for research internships in year 1.

Please note the following conditions for large research papers:

  • We have a self-limit of no more than 23 LFC projects at any one time.
  • Successful completion of the DAP and enjoyment of our topics and methods are prerequisites.
  • Ideally, the LFC research project is considered as the first (or second) step towards a PhD.
  • Alternatively, LFC projects build on an interesting data analysis project. They should then culminate in a publication.

Courses and internships Year 2/3: We are currently unable to offer our own courses due to staffing constraints. However, if there is special interest, we may be able to organize something, so please feel free to contact us with specific requests.

If you would like to take an external course relevant to your field as an internship, e. g. via the Coursera platform or as part of a summer or winter school, please contact us in advance (Antje Timmer, Fabian Otto-Sobotka, or supervisors from the DAP).

Master and Bachelor Theses

We are happy to supervise internships and qualification theses of related courses of study, both at Master's and Bachelor's level. We usually have various conceivable topics "in stock" for students in the following fields, for example:

  • Mathematics, Statistics/Biostatistics/Biometrics
  • Epidemiology, Public Health with a focus on epidemiology
  • Health services research, provided that a good methodological background is already available
  • Voluntary scientific year (FWJ) for graduates or refugees

Please contact Antje Timmer or Fabian Otto-Sobotka directly by E-Mail, depending on your main interest. Our projects and research areas can be found on the website. We kindly ask you to send us a short letter of application in advance, stating your motivation and, if applicable, your desired field of research, as well as your curriculum vitae and (interim) certificate(s) from your studies, if available. FWJ students or refugees should also contact the coordination office in advance.

If a qualification thesis/idea fits well into our department in terms of content, but further expertise is necessary, we will gladly take care of the integration of appropriate cooperation partners. Likewise, primarily cooperatively planned projects are also conceivable. Projects by students from Groningen are especially welcome.

We have a self-restriction on the number of qualifiers supervised at any one time and expect our students to be highly self-motivated, as well as to attend departmental training events.

Consulting of qualification work

Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to advise research work from other departments. The faculty has provided other solutions for this. Therefore, please contact the dean directly if necessary.

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