The department primarily provides teaching in the curriculum of human medicine, but staff members are also active in other programs. For details see left.

Current events:

Participation in activities to improve teaching in the field of medical data science.

Antje Timmer is active as a delegate of scientific societies in several committees for the further development of the subject catalog and NKLM. The following statements and publications have resulted from this work:


  • We need staff augmentation to maintain our course offers. Scientific staff from other departments are welcome to contact us. We pay attention to intensive agreements, professional-didactical further qualification and supervision within the team.
  • For the evaluation of our examinations and offers we are looking for students, e.g. from the departments of mathematics and pedagogy, who support us as student assistants and/or within the scope of qualification work on projects.


  • Elective courses on topics in medical statistics and epidemiology offered by other departments are not necessarily coordinated with us. This also applies to seminars and papers in the Longitudinal Research Curriculum, even if they count toward the Schein in E/B/MI. We have no influence on such offers, their coordination with our courses, or their professional quality. Please contact the Office of the Dean of Students with any questions.
  • We are not involved in the methodological supervision and advising of PhD students and young scientists. We regret this very much ourselves. However, the dean's office has provided other solutions for this. Therefore, please contact the dean's office if you have any questions. This also applies to the research work in year 5.

Julia Beckhaus

Verena Uslar

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