A teaching poster is available to illustrate aims, concept and contents of E&B teaching in the medical curriculum in Oldenburg.

In short, we offer a basic introduction into medical statistics and epidemiological research concepts in year 2. This is complemented by practical skills sessions. Students use the Software SPSS. Those interested in statistical programming are offered introduction to R. Following basic introduction students will work on a self selected data analysis project (DAP).

In year 4, epidemiology and biometry teaching is embedded in journal clubs, covering the topics frequency, therapy, prognosis, etiology, diagnostic test accuracy, meta-analysis and clinical practice guidelines, taught in small groups necessitating active involvement of students.

Please note that due to faculty policies we are not any more able to consult on E&B issues in student research projects beyond those performed in our division or by closely collaborating institutions. Similarly, refresher tutorials and intensifiers from our comprehensive concept were terminated. Enquiries should be directed to the Dean who has developed some alternative consultancy concept.

(Changed: 20 Apr 2022)