LFC - Longitudinal Research Curriculum



PD Dr. med. Veysel Ödemis
Specialist in Anatomy

Faculty VI Medicine and Health Sciences
Carl-von-Ossietzky Str. 9-11
26129 Oldenburg

LFC - Longitudinal Research Curriculum

Information on the LFC - Longitudinal Research Curriculum:


Research projects

Katharina Nökel, Jana Krallmann, Kyra Woitzik, Nele Nass and Greta Fellhölter
LFC students from the 2nd and 3rd year of study

Title of LFC thesis:
The 4-step method according to Peyton in the microscopic anatomy course: Positive effect on the acquisition of the practical skill of microscopy? - a pilot study within the framework of the Longitudinal Research Practicum Year 2/3.
Supervisor: Veysel Ödemis, M.D.

Felix Schönfeld
LFC student from the 5th year of study

Title of LFC thesis:
Clinical-Anatomical Digital Training Module (KADT): Does the implementation of digital teaching platforms improve anatomical-radiological prior knowledge regarding clinical seminars at the Clinical Training Centre of the University of Oldenburg?
Supervisor: Dr. med. Veysel Ödemis

Jan Philipp Willmer

Title of LFC thesis:
Effects of overexpression of c-terminally truncated PRG3 and PRG5 on early neuronal differentiation of primary hippocampal neurons in vitro.
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Anja Bräuer / Dr. rer. nat. Nicola Brandt

Franziska Hammerl


Title of LFC thesis:
Comparative lipidomic analyses in different brain regions of npc1 knockout mice with and without treatments.
Published in:
Identification of Brain-Specific Treatment Effects in NPC1 Disease by Focusing on Cellular and Molecular Changes of Sphingosine-1-Phosphate Metabolism
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Anja Bräuer / Dr. rer. nat. Nicola Brandt

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