Prof. Dr. Anja U. Bräuer

Postal address

Faculty VI Medicine and Health Sciences Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg Carl-von-Ossietzky Str. 9-11 26129 Oldenburg

Site plan

Insight Anatomy Groningen

Insight into the anatomy

Methods and devices

Methods and devices

Molecular biology



Eppendorf Mastercycler nexus Gradient


BioRad Chemidoc MP

Western blot, gel electrophoresis

Heratherm IMP 180 cooled incubator with internal socket

Temperature range: +5 - +70°C, immunofixations

Eppendorf Bio Spectrometer basic

Absorbance measurements: Proteins, DNA; RNA

Ultra Turrax IKA Disperser T10 standard

homogenization and grinding of tissue

Eppendorf Incubation Shaker : New Brunswick Innova 40

e.g. for incubation of E. Coli

Elga Purelab Flex 3 ultrapure water system

Production of ultrapure water type I

Lipid biochemistry



CAMAG TLC Sampler 4

CAMAG TLC Visualizer


CAMAG Derivatizer



HPTLC of lipids

Nitrogen chamber

Lyophilisation of lipid samples

Protein biochemistry / histology


Beckman Coulter Optima

max-XP ultracentrifuge with rotor

MLS-50 (Swinging Bucket Rotor)

and rotor TLA-110 (Fixed Angle Rotor)


Protein fractionation

ISMATEC IPC Pefusion Pump


BioRad Trans-Blot Semi-Dry Transfer Cell BioRad Power Pac Basic

Western blot, SDS page, tank blot, semi-dryblot

Leica VT 1000 S Vibratome

Tissue sections

Bandelin SonoPlus

Cell lysis

BioTek Synergy 2

ELISA fluorescence and absorbance measurement

Equipment room


New Brunswick Innova C585 Ultra Low Temperature Freezer -80°C


Taylor Wharton XL-70

Liquid nitrogen storage and transport containers

Drying cabinet Heratherm OMH 60


Drying oven Heratherm OGS 60


S2- Steam steriliser Hp-Med Varioklav 75S

Sterilisation of liquids, instruments, S1- and S2-waste

Taylor Wharton LS-3000 nitrogen storage tank

Cell culture


2x New Brunswick CO2 Incubator Galaxy 170S

Techniques / Methods

Cultivation of prim. Neurons, astrocytes, HEK cells, Hap1 cells

Thermo Scientific Safe 2020 safety cabinet


Thermo Scientific Heraguard ECO 1.2 Horizontal Laminar Flow Workbench

Leica S9D stereo microscope with transmitted light base TL3000ST


Olympus CKX53 :

inverse phase contrast technology

Microscopy of cell culture samples


Olympus IX 83 inverted fluorescence microscope

Light source:

Cool LED pE-4000 (4-channel high-specification LED system with 16 LEDS, 365-770nm).


  • UPlanFLN 4x/0.13 PhL
  • UPlanSApo 10x/0.4
  • UPlanSApo 20x/0.75
  • UPlanSApo 40x/0.95
  • UPlanSApo 60x/1.35 Oil
  • UPlanSApo 100x/1.4 Oil


Filter modules:

  • U-F39002 AT-FITC (Acridine Orange, Alexa Fluor488, eGFP, Fluo 4, FITC, Oregon Green 488)
  • U-F39003 AT-EYFP N/C (eYFP)
  • U-F39004 AT-CY3 (Alexa Fluor 546, Alexa Fluor 555, Cy3, Dil, TRITC)
  • U-F39007 AT-CY5/ALFL647 (Alexa Fluor 647, APC, Cy5, TO PRO 3)
  • IX3-FDICT (differential interference contrast, DIC)
  • U-FF (DAPI)

Leica DMi8: inverted partially motorised research microscope with Ca imaging equipment


HC PL FLUOTAR L 20x/0.40 Dry (LMD; PH1)

HC PL FLUOTAR L 40x/0.60 Dry

HC PL FLUOTAR 40x/1.30 Oil (Fura)

HC PL APO 63x/1.40 Oil

HC FLUOTAR 100x/1.30 Oil (Fura)

Olympus BX43F Upright Transmitted Light Microscope with Digital High Performance Microscope Camera for Scanning

Light source:

True Colour LED (colour rendering index (>96), intensity equivalent to 30 W halogen).


6x revolving nosepiece with

  • PLCN 4x/0.1
  • PLCN 10x/0.25
  • PLCN 20x/0.4
  • PLCN 40x/0.65
  • UPlanSApo 20x/0.75

Unit for digital scanning :

  • Basler acA2440 camera with high frame rate in real time 5.0 MP, with Sony IMX264 sensor Frame rate: 35 fps USB 3.0
  • EasyScan software, for manual high-resolution scanning of histological specimens

Co-observer module:

Dual observation tube with movable LED marker arrow

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