Cluster of Excellence: The Ocean Floor – Earth’s Uncharted Interface

The Cluster of Excellence “The Ocean Floor – Earth’s Uncharted Interface” is lead by MARUM (University of Bremen) and started in 2019. It aims to initiate a new chapter in ocean floor research by quantifying exchange processes at this significant boundary layer and their roles in the Earth system.

T. Dittmar is among the 25 PIs of the new Excellence Cluster. Within the cluster, we focus on particle-solute interactions in the water column. Organic matter processing in permeable shelf sediments and in hydrothermal vents are additional foci of our group within the cluster.

List of people involved:

Thorsten Dittmar
Michael Seidel


Seidel M, Vemulapalli BPS, Mathieu D, Dittmar T (2022) “Marine dissolved organic matter shares thousands of molecular formulae yet differs structurally across major water masses”, Environmental Science & Technology, 56: 3758-3769;

Brünjes J, Seidel M, Dittmar T, Niggemann J, Schubotz F (2022) “Natural asphalt seeps are potential sources for recalcitrant oceanic dissolved organic sulfur and dissolved black carbon”, Environmental Science & Technology, 56: 9092-9102;

Coppola AI, Wagner S, Lennartz ST, Seidel M, Ward ND, Dittmar T, Santin C, Jones MW (2022) “Pyrogenic carbon and its fate in the earth system”, Nature Reviews Earth & Environment, 3: 516-532;

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