Instruments and Methods

Head of the group

Dr. Thomas Badewien

(Deputy of the Professorship Marine Sensor Systems)

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ICBM-Zentrum für Marine Sensorik (ZfMarS)
Schleusenstr. 1
26382 Wilhelmshaven

Instruments and Methods



Hyperspectral light profiler

Hyperspectral measurement of the underwater light field


Measuring near surface remote sensing reflectance in hyperspectral resolution

Optical Nitrate sensors

High frequent measurement of nitrate based on the absorption properties of the water in the UV-spectrum

Bio-optical sensor package

In situ determination of the inherent optical properties of the water (attenuation, absorption, (back)scattering) along with fluorescence-based chl-a and CDOM estimations

CTD rosette with 24x20-L Niskin bottles

Determination of the vertical hydrographic structure of the water column and providing large volumes of sample water

Mid-size ROV Falcon (Saab)

Visual inspection and manipulation of underwater objects

Pocket FerryBox

Continuous measurements of oceanographic and biogeochemical variables in the upper water column

FlowCam 8400

Imaging of particles from approx. 2 to 1000 µm

ADCP (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler)

Measurement of underwater currents and acoustic backscatter


Determination of wave field and wave height

Surface Drifter

Determination of surface currents based on GPS tracking

Secchi-Disc / Forel-Ule-Skala

Estimation of water transparency and –color

Laboratory spectrophotometers and -fluorometers

Hyperspectral determination of absorption coefficients on water samples, creation of fluorescence excitation-emission-matrices

PSICAM (point-source integrating-cavity absorption meter)

Laboratory determination of hyperspectral absorption coefficients in a water sample

BGC-Argo floats

Determination of ocean currents and vertical structure of the water column in terms of hydrographic and biogeochemical variables (including underwater light) in remote regions

Flow cytometer and cell sorter

Determination of abundances of virus like particles, microbes and (phyto-) plankton and their distinct scatter characteristics. Size limited:(≤50µm). Sorting of distinct populations from water samples.






(Parallel factor analysis)

Evaluation of excitation-emission spectra for the different fluorescing compounds


Modeling of underwater light field based on radiative transfer equations


Training software for ROV deployments

Optical nitrate determination

Refinement of algorithms that relate UV-absorption to nitrate concentration in various water types

Lab-based sensor calibration

Various methods to validate and calibrate in situ sensors (e.g. fluorometric chl-a determination, Winkler titration for oxygen concentration, gravimetric suspended matter determination)

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