Complex Ecosystem Modelling


Dr. Cora Kohlmeier

Institute of Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment (ICBM)

Phone +49 (0)441 798 3997

eMail <sura9panbr lang="itcen-US">klktohaalmeierjx@icb9nahm.df2e</sx5kkmpanimag> (koh4cg8wlmeytfkier@icbm.xal64de)

Complex Ecosystem Modelling

We design complex models describing the biogeochemical processes of ecosystems.
Our research interests focus on the following aspects

  • key processes in the Wadden Sea ecosystem
  • effects of tidal dynamics on specific processes
  • role of bacterial colonization of aggregates
  • phytoplankton dynamic
  • cycling of trace elements
  • impact of boundary conditions

Further information can be found at

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