News & open positions

News & open positions

June 2023

New project funded – thanks to the Simons Foundation (USA)! We are looking forward to become part of the CBIOMES community! In our project, we will look into the interactions of phototrophic and heterotrophic microbial communities in the ocean, and their role for elemental cycles – of course by using network model approaches.

March 2023

New publication in JGR Atmospheres: Intercomparison of atmospheric Carbonyl Sulfide, in which the atmospheric transport as well as sources and sinks of the climate relevant sulfur gas carbonyl sulfide are compared among different models. Thanks to Marine for pulling this together!

Also: new Preprint in which we argue, that geoengineering by increasing the concentration of carbonyl sulfide at the Earth’s surface might be more difficult than a previous study suggests, because the ocean turns into a sink of atmospheric carbonyl sulfide, instead of being the net-source that it is now. This change will reduce the amount of artificially emitted carbony sulfide, which reduces the geoengineering effect of increased sunlight reflection of aerosols formed by carbonyl sulfide. Because carbonyl sulfide is also a greenhouse gas, the net effect of cooling by aerosol formation is likely very small. Thanks to Marc for the initiative!

January 2023

Re-discovered: Molecular tales as a cartoon: , with great impressions of the daily life in dissolved organic matter research (including Sinikka’s cartoon version). Created by the wonderful Evelyn Pae and Dr. Sasha Wagner.


December 2022

Our working group is growing: Benjamin Owusu has started his PhD, and Dr. Takasumi Kurahashi his postdoc project. A warm welcome to both!

Oktober 2022

Das neue Team „Biogeowissenschaften” der European Geosciences Union stellt sich vor: Prof. Dr. Sinikka Lennartz ist Scientific Officer für den Themenbereich Marine Biogeochemie.

September 2022

Heike und Yasmin nehmen fleißig Proben an Bord der Polarstern während des Atlantik-Transekts PS132 für das Project „A novel approach to quantify marine emissions of carbonyl sulfide and carbon disulphide” (gefördert durch die Volkwagenstiftung). Der Blogeintrag von Yasmin am 25.9.2022: Herzlichen Dank an die beiden für ihren unermüdlichen Einsatz!

Juli 2022 

Neues Paper in Nature Reviews Earth & Environment über black carbon veröffentlicht!

Coppola, A. I., Wagner, S., Lennartz, S. T., Seidel, M., Ward, N. D., Dittmar, T., Santin,C. & Jones, M. W. (2022). The black carbon cycle and its role in the Earth system. Nature Reviews Earth & Environment, 1-17.

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