Maple(mathematicalmanipulationlanguage) is an English-language computer algebra system (CAS) for algebra, analysis, discrete mathematics, numerics and many other areas of mathematics. It also provides an environment for the development of mathematical programmes and enables the visualisation of mathematical structures.

There are different licences for Maple:

  • Network lic ences This licence is available on the workstations of IT Services, it can be installed on local computers and activated by entering the licence server of IT Services during installation(licence info).
  • Single-user/lab lic ences These licences can be borrowed by staff for a specific period of time (e.g. for development projects without a network connection, presentations without a network connection, etc.). The licence files cannot be made publicly available. The loan must be registered in good time. Activation is not necessary.

If you have any enquiries about licence extensions, please contact the IT Advisory Service: .

Older versions of Maple will remain activated via the licence server for some time, so that the two predecessors can continue to be used in addition to the current version.

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