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In order to be able to use the platforms for video and web conferencing at the University of Oldenburg, you need a reasonably up-to-date end user device (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone) with built-in or connected communication devices (microphone, loudspeaker, recommended is a headset, camera) and a valid user account. 

Video and web conferences enable two or more geographically separated partners to meet virtually and communicate with each other in real time via text (chat) as well as audio and/or video. In addition, the exchange and editing of files is possible.

Team collaboration platform Nextcloud Talk

The IT-Dienste produce the data service Cloud-Storage on the campus of the University of Oldenburg. The configuration and use of the service is described on these web pages of the IT-Dienste.

The Cloud-Storage service provides a secure storage for data on the central storage system of the University, which can be accessed from various end user devices. By adding the components Talk and OnlyOffice, additional functions for chat and video conferencing as well as for collaborative work are available.

The Talk component in the Cloud-Storage provides chat, audio and video conferences and is primarily used for communication between employees in administration and research. Instructions are part of the web pages of the IT-Dienste.

OnlyOffice is integrated in the Cloud-Storage in order to provide collaborative work. This component enables users to edit documents individually or jointly in a web browser without the need to download them to the end user device. Instructions are provided by the Hochschuldidaktik.

Web conferencing system BigBlueButton

Various BigBlueButton servers are available as platforms for web conferences. Here you will find instructions and further information on the use of the BigBlueButton servers provided by the Hochschuldidatik. Please note the data protection information below.

Please use the latest version of the Chrome or Firefox browser. With an iPad, please use the Safari browser.

In Stud.IP you can activate the meeting plugin in every lecture / class / seminar via the “Mehr”-tab and create and use different virtual rooms. Please note that only participants of the course can enter these rooms. In the virtual rooms you can use screen sharing, presentations and chat functions. Recording of the web conference is currently not activated in Stud.IP.

Lecturers who wish to upload videos to Stud.IP should only do so if they have a good Internet connection. Because there is a time limit: after ten minutes the upload is automatically aborted. To prevent this, you can either reduce the file size - for example by lowering the resolution or by creating several shorter videos instead of one long one. Another alternative is to upload videos to the cloud and then link them to Stud.IP.

The following additional web conference platforms are available.  Web conferences created on these plattforms can be used for external communication. Please send the external participants the link to the meeting.


Can be
used by

Recording of the
web conference

Remarks / additional functions employees possible employees not possible participation in the web conference is possible by telephone students not possible A maximum of 5 virtual rooms per user account is available students and employees possible if required, can be used for surveys and evaluations Use must be requested at the IT service de1cksk (servworp3icfwyedeskhv@uol.deol), stating the reasons


Data protection information
(Only the German version is legally approved)

A web conference is initiated by a university employee creating a virtual room. The creator is the owner of the room. In the room settings, the creator can define whether access to the room must be enabled individually for each participating person, whether each participating person can start the conference, and whether each participating person joins the conference as a moderator.

The entire chat content data of a conference is deleted when the conference is ended. A conference can be ended by the moderator for all participating persons. A conference is also ended when the last participating person leaves the conference.

The web conference system provides the option to record conferences. The recording includes audio, video and presentation data. Chat contents are not included in the recording.

Conference recordings can be made by moderators.

A temporary pop-up indicates the start and end of a recording to the participants. While recording is in progress, a red recording icon and the duration of the recording time is displayed at the top of the content window.

The owner of a room then has access to the recordings made during a conference. The owner can generate a link to the recording or publish it on the entry pages of a room.

The data transmission to the web conference system as well as the transmission of video and audio data between the end devices is encrypted (transport encryption). 


DFNconf - The Conference Service in the German Research Network

The University of Oldenburg is a member of DFN (German Research Network), so that the service DFNconf can be used by employees of the university.

You can choose between Pexip (for up to 23 participants) and Adobe Connect (for up to 200 participants). Additional information and instructions provided by Hochschuldidaktik and DFN are currently only available in German.

Further support is provided by the Media Technology and Production Service.

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