Contact Person: Matthias Wächter

Characterization of Wake Turbulence Using LiDAR Data

The turbulent character of wind plays a very important role for the power output of wind turbines and the forces acting on them, as also described here. Behind a wind turbine the turbulence has different statistical properties than the undisturbed atmospheric wind. We apply statistical methods to LiDAR data to characterize the turbulence in the wake. A LiDAR (light detection and ranging) system measures wind speeds in the atmosphere through the detection and analysis of backscattered laser pulses. The measurements are done in two different Offshore Wind parks by the WE-Sys Group  of Prof. Dr. Martin Kühn. Preliminary results reveal different statistics in the different regions of the wake. In the wake center, for example, the increments of the wind show almost Gaussian behavior while in the outer region heavy tailed distributions are found.

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